Don’t Need You–And a Few Notes

This is a lengthy video, clocking in just under 40 minutes. But it’s so worth watching. I watched it last night—-hearing the “how it call came together” moments was pretty amazing. And I’d just, earlier, been having a conversation about feminism, Bikini Kill, and where to go from here.

Today, I’m at the beach. It took us 11-ish hours, 6 pit stops, and lots of pit stops, but we’re here. I’ll be off gallivanting about the beach this week, but never fear—I’ve a plan for the week and will be checking in off-and-on to respond to comments and such.

Tomorrow, you can expect a late-edition of the “if we were having coffee” feature. Tuesday, I’ll be writing about some of my favorite TV shows for Top Ten Tuesday, and Wednesday we’ll have a photo feature. Thursday will likely be devoted to award posts, and Friday will likely still be our feminist Friday feature, though I won’t be moderating or providing the prompt this week. Saturday will be photo feature day and/or an awards day, too, and then Sunday will return me to my regular Sunday coffee features.

Here’s hoping the last of the weekend is kind to you guys—now go watch some Riot Grrrl punk. 🙂



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