If We Were Having Coffee: The Late Edition

Unsplash by Justin Leibow
Unsplash by Justin Leibow

I’d tell you that yesterday I sat beside the pool and read The Second Sex. I listened to the waves, which I could hear from the pool. Little Jedi wasn’t quite ready to venture to the beach, so we stayed by the pool most of the day, but I had a good view all the same. I could see him swimming to my mom and aunt, jumping off the side of the pool, beach in the immediate background and book in my hand. And then there was the obligatory afternoon nap, all of us tired from swimming and sunshine, just as a thunderstorm hit the beach. Sleeping in the sounds of thunder. Last night, I got to sit on a balcony and listen to the waves hit the beach while I read fairy tales. Happy evening, indeed.



I’d tell you that I just watched the first teaser trailer for American Horror Story: Freakshow. And I’m intrigued. I’ve enjoyed the show’s three seasons thus far, though I must admit to enjoying the first season the most. Ghost stories and monster houses are stock elements of horror that I really enjoy, and I liked the slow build of the show. It worked. Season two just had too many elements incorporated for my taste—I was still trying to think about one thing when another came along, and things felt rather disconnected. I’m also not a big fan of alien horror, so there’s that. Season three was fairly good, but I thought it felt like it was missing something. I loved the setting, the idea of of witches’ coven, and the actresses, but the climax of the season was a bit underwhelming. Season four has a setting that sounds amazing–one of the last American freak shows, run by Jessica Lange’s German character, in Florida. There are some good opportunities for Southern gothicism lurking around in that plot. Anyway, here’s the new teaser that’s got me thinking:


Edit: Apparently, this is a fake, which is crazy interesting, and I think I might have more to say about that later.


I’d tell you that it’s difficult to believe that the summer is almost over. My students are working their way toward their final project, which they’ll start next week, and I’m working my way toward the fall syllabus for courses and the last college classes I have to take, two classes on how to translate from Spanish that are each a week long. I’m also inching closer to comps, and there’s no putting off the exam this time. And Little Jedi will be going to kindergarten this year, so his summer is almost over as well. Difficult to believe that time has flown by so quickly.


And, of course, I’d ask what you’d like to chat about over our coffee. 🙂



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  1. I’m sorry I showed up late for coffee. Your vacation interlude sounds like it was soooo much more relaxing than mine. I always need a vacation after our vacations.
    I loved your description of sitting by the pool listening to the ocean. I can almost heard it now 🙂


  2. The reading and napping and general beachiness sound lovely. 🙂

    I was wondering…is “If We Were Having Coffee” a concept that’s available for spreading about to other blogs? I’d love to do a thing like this each week on my blog, but I don’t want to do any sneaky idea thievin’ or anything. 😉 (I would, of course, give you credit!)


    1. Yes indeed….I didn’t even realize it was a fake until last night when I got a chance to hop back on the internet and saw a news story about it. Really interesting—and actually quite well done as a teaser.


    1. Thank you! I should’ve taken mine in the spring, but it just didn’t happen. Unrealistic timeline for me. BUt the fall is definitely the time for comps, so I’m closing in!

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