Surprise Post! (Doctor Who edition)

I should probably save this and do something better with it, but I just can’t contain myself. Here’s the first full-length trailer for the upcoming series of Doctor Who starring Peter Capaldi. So far, I approve. The trailer was released a couple of days ago, but I’ve been busy and I just picked it up. Enjoy!



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    1. Me, too. Tennant is my favorite of the last three overall, but I really wanted Christopher Eccleston to have a second season before he regenerated.

      I think this one will be good.


      1. Tennant was awesome! Christopher definitely needed more than one season – I heard he had some issues with the show – which is too bad. He had so much emotion and he really loved Rose’s expressions! Rose, Mickey, and her mother were some of my favorites!


  1. It is such a great teaser, it’s all going to feel so different yet also familiar. I can’t wait to see new episodes but until then I am going through a lot of the earlier adventures mainly Doctors 3,4 and 7.


    1. That’s cool. I’m working on a post to run in the next couple of weeks about some of my favorite new series episodes. I don’t know the old ones very well.


      1. The old ones are a treat for a bit of cheese and a different approach and good for the history of the show and little references they make in the new ones…I reviewed a story from each Doctor last year leading up to the fiftieth.

        I look forward to finding out your favourites episodes.

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        1. That’s cool! Diana, who actually runs this blog, has this idea to blog through every episode eventually. The only one I’m familiar with from television is the Tom Baker Doctor. I’ve read about the others, but Baker’s the one that got me hooked when I was a kid. We used to get them on public television before we had cable, and it was like nothing I’d ever seen when I was in the 8-12 age range.


        2. There are 800 individual episodes and I believe 241 stories in all. That would be one heck of a feat but I would love to read about it. It was such a mesmerising show for kids, especially when they did all the Gothic horror inspired Baker episodes.


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