Sunday Feature: If We Were Having Coffee…

Unsplash by Justin Leibow
Unsplash by Justin Leibow

I’d tell you that it’s been too long since I’ve done one of these on time. I’d tell you that, for some reason, my writing has stalled a bit of late, especially in the blogging department. There’s no particular reason why—at least not that I can identify. There is the possibility that classes beginning and comprehensive exam time nearing has just gotten me in a general funk, but I don’t feel nearly as overwhelmed as I probably should. Not quite yet, anyway.


I’d tell you that I’m taking a class this week, a one-week mini-session in Spanish. The other week will be in January, and these are the last two classes I’ll ever have to take. I finished my literature classes in May 2013, but these two classes are left, and I’ll be quite relieved to finish up the class-taking bit of the degree in an official way.

I’m not so good at other languages, sadly, and so these mini-sessions will be a challenge. They’ll also mean that I’m away from home for a week. New Orleans is about two hours from my college.  That’s not bad on a normal week, when I only have to be there twice and for a few hours each time, but it’d be hell on earth to leave here in time for a class that begins at 8:00 and that not get to leave until that class is over from 5:00. I’d have to leave at 6:00 or so, and the rush-hour traffic means I’d get home close to 8:00.

Soooo, I’m spending the week in Hattiesburg. It’ll be nice, because I get to spend the week with Gene’O. But it’ll be busy. Expect to see posts here, but I likely won’t be online nearly as much as usual.


I’d tell you that I have a guest post coming up at True Classics this month. My long-time friend and colleague, Brandie, is one of the creators of TC and one of our contributors here at the Monster. She offered me a place to talk about Little Jedi’s experience with a classic film, and that’ll be coming up soon. If you haven’t stopped by True Classics before, you should do so now.


I’d tell you that I’m trying to decide how to revise the Monster’s comments policy and its content policies. Those revisions likely won’t happen for another week or two, but I think it’s time that we got a more nuanced and specific version of each up. The non-specficity worked well when the blog was smaller, and it worked well when we weren’t entering into too many contentious topics. But as the Feminist Friday conversations get bigger and as we delve into more sensitive topics, comments get a little more complicated to handle. A clearer articulation of why I do the things I do is probably necessary.

I’d like to revise the content policies for a few reasons. I’ve had trouble with some scraper sites pulling whole versions of posts and attaching ads during autoblogging, so a more specific copyright policy seems like a thing I should investigate in. I also want to make the general aim of the blog a bit clearer so that I can start recruiting and accepting guest posts. Until now, at least, I’ve been sustained by my use of the Monster as a personal sort of blog and by a group of contributors who are focused on books, culture, monsters, and girls.

I think it’s about time to open that invitation in an official way. (In the meantime, if any of you think you might want to contribute a guest post, drop me a line.)


I’d tell you that this feature has spread throughout the blogosphere, and I’d thank blogs like The Perpetual Page-Turner, where I’ve seen similar posts in the past. I got the idea from these kinds of posts and then turned the coffee post into a weekly feature. I’d tell you that I’m happy to have so many people participating and to hear so many bloggers’ voices in an almost-behind-the-scenes sort of way.

And I’d ask about your Sunday, about your weekend…About what you’d like to say if we were having coffee.



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  1. If I can get a pot of tea instead I’ll be there with fresh baked goodies. Don’t worry, I can bake. My mum taught me.


  2. As usual, I’ve enjoyed our coffee together. You sound like one very busy person, so I feel rather pathetic for not having embraced my own weekly post of “If we had coffee” because I felt too busy. I’m starting to suspect I’m turning into a slug.
    Good luck with your classes!!


    1. Oh, now, not quite a slug, I don’t think!

      And I am pretty busy, but I do much better with my anxiety if I keep myself busy. Unstructured downtime just doesn’t work well for me.


  3. Hi Diana. I’d tell you how much I enjoy these Sunday, If we were having coffee!posts. I have started to do these posts, also I have a guest post from Paul who also does an If we were having coffee. I tell you that you sound very busy but you seem to have it all under control. I says thanks for the coffee and thank you also for this wonderful idea! xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. 🙂 I’m so glad that you enjoy these and that you can stop by! I am quite a busy lady. I’m glad that I seem to have it under control, because most times I don’t! lol

      Liked by 1 person

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