(Mostly) Silent Sunday: Sometimes I Wear My Dog as a Hat

Well, at least sometimes he insists on being worn like a hat. It’s actually rather endearing.

HatHowever, it does mean that there are a lot of things that take more time to do, including writing the coffee post I should be writing and finishing up the syllabus for my 101 courses that begin on Wednesday.

This week at the Monster, look for regular features like Top Ten Tuesday and Wordless Wednesday, as well as a belated coffee post tomorrow. πŸ™‚




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  1. Fabulous photo.

    I did the same thing today. Ended up having to go out and didn’t have the time to write the coffee post. I’m skipping mine tomorrow and doing a reorg piece instead.


    1. Thanks. He climbed up like there one day, and I had to take a selfie of it.

      I worked on my syllabus most of the afternoon yesterday, and it was so late by the time I did that that I didn’t want to do a full coffee post.


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