Wordless Wednesday: Boy-in-Fall




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      1. I thought it might be the Little Jedi. He’s a couple years ahead of my grandson. I’m so looking forward to returning home next summer so I can be more a part of his life. I like living vicariously through some of your photos. 🙂


        1. I’m sure he’ll be so delighted to have you around more often! Little Jedi *loves* having 3 sets of grandparents to cater to his whims. 😀

          I’m loving photoblogging, because it opens such a window into what other people do/have done, and I’ve got years of digital photos squirreled away that need good homes.

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        2. I still won’t be terribly close to him geographically, but the traveling back and forth will be much more practical.

          I admire people and their awesome photos. I basically don’t do much photography. I con my husband into doing a lot of mine. I someday intend to blog about my “photography thing.” 😉


        3. haha! I tend to take a lot of photos with my phone, because I don’t have a camera small enough to easily carry around, and that limits my photo taking. But I do very much enjoy taking photos.

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