The Thursday Thirteen

So I am debuting one new feature here on Part Time Monster—the Thursday Thirteen. This’ll be a listing-style post feature, though topics will vary. And why 13? It’s not just the alliteration, although that’s nice. It’s also that, for some reason, I’ve always thought of 13 as a lucky number.

Today’s Thursday Thirteen is the top 13 of my favorite fandom mashups, illustrated with Pins from my Pinterest account:

1. Disney princesses of Westeros:

2. Spock and Kirk get Wicked:

3. The Hobbit goes Breakfast Club:

4. Smaug gets lectured by Daenerys:

5. Gandalf, the hobbits, and Legend of Zelda:

6. The Great Mouse Detective meets Sherlock:

7. Dalek fails at Star Wars audition:

8. Winnie-the-Pooh Avengers:

9. Fandoms coexist:

10. The hero’s journey:

11. Star Wars/Wizard of Oz:

12. Harry Potter meets Mean Girls:

13. Hunger Games meets Harry Potter meets Mean girls:



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  1. Bilbo in the (Second) Breakfast Club totally got me. I would see that movie.
    Could we combine all modern fandom with 80s movies? Smeagol and Sam “Weekend at Bernie’s” Frodo into Mordor? The old janitor Logan trains Kitty Pride for the karate tournament?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Glad to see you made your way over here, and well met!

      And yes—that hero’s journey graphic is one of my very favorites on the list. Some clever nerd has made me very happy! lol


  2. Brilliant, I say! I may just borrow the idea at some point, though not anytime soon. Funny, we debuted new features on the same day, and neither of us knew the other was doing that today.


    1. Oh that is funny! And borrow away…If it takes off like the coffee post, I might start making list topics ahead of time and make it a link-up. First I want to see how it does, though.


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