Cat-Blog: On Marriage Equality and the Struggle to Keep Marriage Personal, Part 2

Today, in support of my LGBT friends and family and in light of the ruling handed down in Louisiana yesterday, I’m reblogging friend and contributor Cat’s 3-part series on her marriage to her wife, Heather. Cat’s series is a poignant look at what happens when the private and public sectors become enmeshed with an issue such as marriage equality and of the real human cost of a country that doesn’t recognize the rights of all of its citizens. I’m so glad to have her as a friend and contributor, and I can’t thank her enough for opening up so much about her life on such a public forum.

Part Time Monster

Today, we have the second in a series by Part Time Monster Contributor Cat. She is my dearest friend, certainly my longest-running companion (we’ve been friends all our lives), and she and her wife, Heather, have recently gotten married. You can find part 1 of their story here.


My wife (then fiancee) was hospitalized for 13 days. A new complication with her type 1 diabetes had surfaced. Heather’s health had always been fragile, but now we learned that her stomach was not functioning properly, and it would not function properly ever again. The wedding, which now more than ever we realized was nothing more than a party, was forgotten as we struggled to figure out what the damage was, how to combat it and how to live with this new aspect of her disease.

She had held her job at a local casino for seven years. She turned away…

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