The Thursday Thirteen: Game of Thrones Memes

Last week I unveiled plans for my new feature, the Thursday Thirteen, an idea that came partially from one of my About pages, 13 things. Today, I need to laugh, so this week’s Thursday Thirteen are my favorite Game of Thrones memes:

1. This dastardly wedding plan:

2. This Cersei and Brienn moment:

3. When Dany didn’t need a sword:

4. When the book-readers breathed a sigh of relief:

5. When book-readers said “wtf, dude”:

6. When everything was literal:

7. This moment that it’s still too soon for:

8. That time Sansa regretted her childhood crush:

9. When we knew what Monday looked like:

10. When Facebook got snarky:

11. How the Khaleesi Trained Her Dragons:

12. When we knew how everything would end:

13. And all the Arya Stark memes:



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  1. Just over here getting started on the Feminist Friday post (finally!)

    That’s a nice series graphic. I’m interested to know how you came by it.


        1. Yep. I decided that to be a proper series, it needed a logo, and I was procrastinating some other stuff. Much like now…. 😀


  2. I have officially gotten sucked into Pinterest. Be prepared for a flood of nail polish, Deadpool and color palettes on your feed if you don’t mind me adding you there.

    Do you follow the Arrested Westeros blog? It may be dormant now for the season, but it’s Game of Thrones scenes with Arrested Development dialogue.


    1. Hooray! I’m always up for new followers on Pinterest. I have an old account with near-10,000 pins that just got totally out of hand because I didn’t organize it well, so I use the blog account most of the time when I’m pinning. And it’s all sorts of stuff, from feminism to Halloween costumes and ideas to recipes and dream homes. 🙂

      And ooo, haven’t heard of Arrested Westeros, but I’m going to have to look it up!


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