The Thursday Thirteen: Thirteen Favorite Creatures

I might’ve mentioned this before, but I’m fascinated with animals. In a former life, I was probably a veterinarian or something. And today I need a few smiles, because comprehensive exams are almost here and things are very busy. So here are 13 of my favorite, most smile-worthy animals—that aren’t cats or dogs.

1. Elephants

2. Slow Loris

3. Giraffes

4. Sloths

5. Pandas

6. Quokkas

7. Tigers

8. Gorillas

9. Aye-Ayes

10. Horses

11. Wolves

12. Foxes

13. Tapirs



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      1. I am officially adding talking elephants to my fantasy world. Plz don’t tell anyone because I don’t want it stolen. Don’t know why i haven’t thought of that already.


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