(OAMG) Mansions of Madness


For the month of October, Diana has be kind enough to allow me to share one game a week, all of which I recommend for Halloween, tabletop fun!

Last week, I recommended running for your life from zombies. This week, I want you to go mad.

Mansions of Madness is, in some ways, like Zombicide, but, really, only when it comes to core mechanics. Both have boards that are built based on pre-written scenarios and come in pieces to be put together; they are cooperative, but Mansions has one player as “the keeper” who is working against everyone else; both have you fighting monsters. And that’s where the similarities stop.

THEME: Adventure, Magic, Fantasy, Horror, Monsters

PUBLISHER: Fantasy Flight

DESIGNER(S): Corey Konieczka

COST: $79.95

OFFICIAL WEBSITE: Mansions of Madness

We bagged and labeled all the bits and pieces because the box is just that, a box.

This is the scary ghost story of tabletop games. and that is why I am suggesting it as a Halloween pick. It is set in H.P. Lovecraft’s twisted world, filled with madness and ancient monsters that live to create chaos and destruction.

The characters you play.

Just know that this is a slow, slow, sllooooooooooow game. Be prepared.

I also must emphasize that this game is best played with 3 people minimum, even though the box says 2 can play it. It is not fun, in the slightest (at least, in my opinion) with just two people. Also, I don’t think I will be playing this game or any of its expansions until I have a total of 4 players. It’s pretty slow going with just 3 as well.

The figures, however, are really nice. If you are into painting miniatures, then you’ll love this game. Mr. LL hasn’t gotten around to painting these yet. He’s still working on Descent. However, the monsters do not stay in their bases, so once you are ready to have them be in them permanently, super glue those suckas.

The monsters.

I gave Mansions a fairly high Replay Value, because it is a game that has many scenarios and outcomes. However, I honestly felt like it should deserve a little lower of a score because I personally just don’t want to play it that much.

Expansions (that we have never opened).

Have a suggestion for a board game you’d like to see on this Once A Month Gamer post? Have any questions about this month’s game? Leave a comment down below.



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