Saturday Feature: If We Were Having Coffee…

I’d tell you that I have spent the week avoiding the Internet and people in general. I had to take my comps exams last week, and they didn’t go well–mostly due to test anxiety. I’ll have to retake them. I get one more shot, and I have 6 weeks in which to take it.

And so I’ve been hiding away for a little while. I’ve felt a complex surge of emotions this week, everything from despair to indifference, but ultimately it’s business as usual. After a day or two of wallowing in the pits of sorrow, then getting back into the sun, everything felt better. Freezing up on exams has happened to me pretty much forever, and at least I get to redo this one. I also had to retake my drivers’ test and qualification exams, the precursor to comps. Having an anxiety disorder means that literally everything garners attention and worry, and life altering events are particularly anxiety-inducing. Sometimes the anxiety-snowball wins.

I’ve got friends and family who make everything brighter, though. And I get a chance to redo this. Life goes on either way, and so I’m back again.


I’d tell you that I’m gearing up to discuss Peter Pan here tomorrow as part of the Stage to Screen Blogathon. I’d tell you to be sure to check out the other entries in the blogathon, as there are some wonderful bloggers talking about some wonderful works.

Closeup of PP Statue******

I’d tell you that I watchedย The Descentย (2005) last night, and I can’t get it off my mind. The claustrophobia of wiggling through passages of the cave physically affected me—I felt my breathing a little constricted and had just an uncomfortable feeling. I wasn’t as frightened by the film once the creatures were on the scene. They looked a lot like the orcs in Peter Jackson’s LOTR films, and there was something more menacing about them when they were in the shadows. I was also so much more afraid of the cave itself, of nature and its terrifying capacities, the utter dark and utter quiet. It was fantastic, too, to see an all-girl horror film cast.


I’d ask about your Saturday and what you’d like to talk about over coffee.




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    1. Thank you, and I’ll have to have a peep over there soon! I get the notifications most weeks, and I’ve just been so bsy lately that I haven’t been able to keep up with my blog reading!

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    1. I haven’t seen the sequel, but I really did enjoy watching the first one. There were things I’d have liked to see done differently, but overall, it was a fantastic gore-fest.


  1. If we were having coffee, I’d have a chai latte, or maybe a hot chocolate, because I don’t like coffee and I’d probably give you a hug, because I’m a huggy person and because I’d feel you need one. I’d tell you I’m married to a woman who suffers from anxiety and depression and about how powerless I feel to help her when she’s having a meltdown. And how she keeps telling me that I AM helping, if only by telling her to take things one step at a time (and to crochet while I drive so she has something to focus on on that 1h trip to the next town for a birthday party…)

    I’d tell you I spent my Saturday watching rugby and perving on hot boys and trying to write smut but didn’t get very far. And that now it’s Sunday morning, I was slept between midnight and 1.14am (my son fell out of his top bunk bed) and didn’t get back to sleep until 5am (kids getting up one after the other and then rugby on my laptop because I was wide awake) then woke up around 7 then 8am.

    And I’d tell you that I admire you for looking your anxiety in the face and telling it to take a hike (I’m trying to stay polite here). And that I know that telling you things will be ok is the WORST possible thing a person can say to a person with anxiety.


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    1. ๐Ÿ™‚ Why thank you.

      I’m sure that it can be really difficult to be the partner of one of us anxiety-ridden folks. It’s definitely not something that can be easily fixed or eschewed, and you’re right about the “things will be ok” line. lol Cake sounds good, though, and hugs and empathy.

      Thanks for stopping by. Also, sounds like not to bad of a Saturday. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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      1. Hehehe it was a not too bad Saturday, only one of the teams I love lost, out of 4 that played that day!
        On Sunday my wife made ginger kisses. They looked NOTHING like the ones from the store but they were equally (if not more) delicious.


    1. Thanks–I figure it’s one of those things that’s better spoken about than just wondered about, and it does help to just talk about it a bit. Especially at this level, failure is often hidden in secret with no one talking about it, and that makes it even more anxiety inducing, I think.

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  2. If we were having coffee I would tell you that you are a pretty amazing person because you face your fear and do it anyway. That’s a LOT MORE than most people do … without an anxiety disorder. You rock!

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