(OAMG) Gloom


For the month of October, Diana has be kind enough to allow me to share one game a week, all of which I recommend for Halloween, tabletop fun!

Disease, heart break, debt, danger, packs of rabid flesh-eating mice–the world of Gloom is a sad, dark place. So we should probably put the miserable inhabitants out of their misery.

THEME: Horror/Spooky, Humor

PUBLISHER: Atlas Games

DESIGNER(S): Keith Baker

COST: $24.99


The Slogar Family
The Wellington-Smythes

Gloom is a card game, in which you take control over one of bizzare/freakish families: the Slogars, Wellington-Smythes, Blackwater Clan, or the members of Darius Dark’s doomed carnival family.

The Blackwater Clan
Darius Dark’s Carnival

The goal of this game is a tad depressing. You want your family to have the worst lives possible, and then you kill them off before they get happy. You do this by playing cards with modifiers that give your family members negative points (like having someone be shunned by society).

You can also play cards that have positive modifiers onto your opponent’s family members (like having them be popular in parliament).

One of the most clever things I’ve ever seen, the cards in this game are transparent (for the most part). This allows you to see the characters and stack modifiers, with only those showing adding up for your total points.

Once you have a family member who is extremely miserable, you can kill them. There are many, many horrible ways to die in the world of Gloom. To kill someone off, you must play a death card and then flip over the character card at the bottom of the stack.

Also, you can kill your opponent’s characters if you don’t want them to die sad and miserable (which, of course, is what your opponent would like).

I really enjoy this game. I get the most fun out of reading all the flavor text on the cards, and laughing at the absurd things that happen to everyone. If you have a sense of macabre humor, you will definitely enjoy this game.

Have a suggestion for a board game you’d like to see on this Once A Month Gamer post? Have any questions about this month’s game? Leave a comment down below.



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