For the month of October, Diana has be kind enough to allow me to share one game a week, all of which I recommend for Halloween, tabletop fun!

You don’t have to drop big bucks to play a spooky game this Halloween. All you need are your friends, a plan and maybe a pound of dice.

If you are into RPG games like Dungeons and Dragons, then all you have to do is create a Halloween theme mini-campaign (or ask your DM, politely, to create one). Honestly, the possibilities are endless. You can incorporate Walking Dead scenarios and characters into your game. You could go on a quest to help the headless horseman find a head before he takes your’s. Seriously, the only thing limiting you is you.

A D&D game from years past.

D&D is not for everyone, I know, but for me it is a ton of fun. And really, it doesn’t have to be D&D, just any dice based RPG you can think up. I would just, personally, use some D&D rules as guidelines for dice rolls.

No matter what you play this Halloween, remember, have fun!

Have a suggestion for a board game you’d like to see on this Once A Month Gamer post? Have any questions about this month’s game? Leave a comment down below.




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  1. This is all kind of awesome. My entire D&D b
    group moved to Colorado seven years ago and I’ve not been able to find another long term campaign to get into.:-( I miss it.


    1. I drive to another state to play with friends that span across three states all-together. We’ve tried using online tabletop RPG sites/software, but haven’t been able to work out the kinks.


  2. There are D&D campaign settings designed to be spooky and scary. Try Ravenloft, for example. Of course there’s always your Vampire the Masquerade and White Wolf (or whatever it’s called), but I’ve always kind of had a personal stigma associated with those two, so I’ve never dabbled in them.

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