If We Were Having Coffee…The Blogiversary Edition

I’d tell you that Part Time Monster just turned one year old. It actually turned one year old on October 30, and yesterday was the one-year mark since my first post. Yesterday, Gene’O ran a lovely post to say happy blogiversary. It was full of useful advice, kind words, and happy thoughts, and a few people stopped by to wish us well, so a hearty thanks to all of you who did.

Why yes, that is Baby Brobee.
Why yes, that is Baby Brobee.

And I’d say thank you to so many of you who’ve helped me, helped us, along the way. To my contributors, to fellow bloggers who’ve helped me along the way by reading, commenting, liking, and sharing posts, to my readers, and especially to everyone who has listened to me chat incessantly about blogging. I’d say thank you to the Monster’s nearly 2,000 WordPress subscribers and to its extended social network of more than 6,000. That’s more people than I imagined I’d be speaking to within a year, and so many of you are so lovely.

I’d tell you that it will likely be January when I return with real presence. I’m still here, of course, and I’ll still be blogging. Posting will be a bit more sparse, though, and I’ll unfortunately not have a lot of time to read. But I have a comprehensive exam retake coming up on the 21st, and it’s do or die this time. I’ll be devoting most of my time in the coming 3 weeks to writing practice exam answers and studying my notes on the books from my list. That re-take falls right before Thanksgiving, and so it’s the start of the holiday season here. We’ll be visiting family, putting up decorations, preparing for Christmas and the New Year, etc. But I’ll also be off work in December, and among other things, I intend to use the time to do some writing and getting ready for the new year of blogging.


I’d tell you that I spent the Monster’s one-year birthday at home, sleeping in a Benadryl induced haze, but that it was a minor hiccup in what was otherwise an excellent weekend. It mostly started Thursday, when Little Jedi, Sam, and I went to the NOLA Krewe of Boo parade. This city does love a parade. Friday, I attended my first parent/teacher conference concerning Little Jedi’s schooling, and all went extremely well. His teachers are incredibly kind, and they spoke very highly of his work so far, and now that’s he’s adjusted to the Spanish immersion, he’s quite happy there. He had a half-day of school and was off to his dad’s house for the weekend.

vampire ball 2I’d tell you that Friday night Sam and I attended the Anne Rice Vampire Lestat Ball as volunteers at the event. While selling raffle tickets, we had chance to walk through a line of people in amazing costumes and talk to them a bit, and the whole experience allowed us to meet some kind, fun people. The weather was excellent Halloween weather, cool wind vampire ball 3blowing and clear. The sheer volume of the crowd did get to me a bit—the venue was really crowded–and we were in-house by 12:30, watching American Mary, an uneven but inventive bit of horror film, while that nice breeze blew the tree outside our window, and the sound and feel of it was just–fall. Fall happened on Friday.

I’d say that Saturday was full of grading, writing, and sneezing (allergies of the changing season, I suppose) for me, the weather cool enough to need the heater on for the first time in a year. Saturday evening was for a horror movie night with friends at home, everyone relaxing a bit after the craze of the weekend, eating popcorn and peanut M&Ms and Halloween candy. We laughed about how nice being a grown-up can be while we watch Cabin in the Woods.

And I’d tell you that Sunday, I sneezed and graded (and wrote) all day again, sleeping at various intervals, but the night was cool again, the allergies calmer, and since I was able to sleep all day, I worked for a while. Little Jedi also returned from his dad’s home, and despite it almost being Monday, everyone was in a fine mood.


I’d ask about your Halloween, in all likelihood, and about you in general. What would you want to talk about over coffee?



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    1. Thanks! I mostly remember mine because I started during National Blog Posting Month last year, and that was a nice push to write each day.


    1. Thank you! I’m looking forward to finishing up the semester and being able to concentrate on re-working some things and to finishing up comps so that I can post more often and read more, too!


  1. Happy 1st Blogiversary! Had a fairly quest Halloween. After a very busy week it was nice to just relax and watch two of my favourite spooky films, Bride of Frankenstein and Night of the Demon. Have a great week & here’s to another great year of blogging 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks!

      Bride of Frankenstein is fantastic—one of my favorites. I haven’t seen Night of the Demon but must find out about it now. 🙂


      1. Bride of Frankenstein is one of my faves as well! Night of the Demon (1957) is film adaptation of the MR James story “Casting the Runes”. I hope you check it out, great film, so spooky and atmospheric. I think it was called Curse of the Demon in the States.


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