The Thursday Thirteen: 13 of Little Jedi’s Best Pop Culture Quotes

So I don’t often use Little Jedi in posts–for several reasons that I won’t go into just now, because this isn’t that sort of post. Sometimes, though, he says something so funny or so wise that I have to write it down. Here are some of my favorite pop culture conversations with him from the past year:Jedi

1. “Batman doesn’t have Friendly Days.”

2. “I want my hair like Bruce Wayne’s. Parted to the side. Or like a punk rocker, in a mohawk.”

3. Little Jedi: He screamed like a girl.
Me: That’s not very nice. I mean, girls don’t scream more than boys, do they? Or do boys scream different than girls?
Little Jedi: (thinking…) Um, nope.
Me: I vote that we say “screaming like a banshee” instead.
Little Jedi: What’s a banshee?
Me: It’s a made up creature like zombies and vampires, only it’s a witch sort of thing that has a loud scream.
Little Jedi: What if we say “screaming like Batman”?
Sam: Batman never screams.

4. Me: What do you mean, deconstructed?
Little Jedi: Well, it means it got deconstructed in the deconstructor. Like in Star Wars.

5. “Oh, man. Who put Darth Vader in the bathroom?”

6. “I don’t feel very much like a super-hero right now.”

7. “This is my robot. His name is Monster Man Gun Travel. He’s a monster with a gun, and he travels.”

8. Little Jedi: Hey, that’s where the Saints play!
Sam and I: Yep. They’re playing there tonight.
Little Jedi: Who is defeating them?
Sam: *sigh*

9. Little Jedi to Darth Maul: But you’re a bad guy, so you cannot join my team. Little Jedi as Darth Maul: I’m bad.
Little Jedi to Darth Maul:Ok, well then you cannot join my team.

10. Little Jedi: Are vampires real?
Me: No, they’re just in stories.
Little Jedi: Aw, man.

11. Little Jedi: What have you been doing this week?
Me: I’ve been reading and napping.
Little Jedi: What are you reading?
Me: The Sound and the Fury.
Little Jedi: What’s that about?
Me: It’s a complicated story about a family.
Little Jedi (to Sam): Mommy also has a book called The…The…The Golden Compress about a little girl and a bear and a mouse that can turn into anything.

12. Sam: Little Jedi has 2 girlfriends. I’m gonna have to warn him about that. He’s a little lady killer.
Me: Oh good grief.
Little Jedi: I’m a little lady carrot?!

13.  Little Jedi sings the beginning of The Lion King: Hi Apennya, Deet Deet Deet Sapenya.

The little Jedi at 4



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  1. Over the summer I would periodically tweet things that my campers said so I would remember them, and each week at the staff meeting we’d share funny moments from our kids. They can be so hilarious sometimes!


  2. Number 8 had me laughing, not that my team is that much better at times.

    Love this, you need to make a feature as you collect them 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

    1. haha…Oh he’s had it mohawked and what he says is like Bruce Wayne. I’d let it grow out long if he didn’t dislike “the way it feels on my ears.”


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