If We Were Having Coffee . . . (Surprise Post Edition)

. . . I would tell you I’m publishing my coffee post here this weekend because Diana’s busy offline and I’m shamelessly taking the opportunity to write for the blog with the biggest audience 😉

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And I would tell you I am finally back on my feet after three weeks suffering through influenza and pneumonia. I still have a huge to-do list at work and an even longer one for the blogs. My posts are still not getting published on time. But at least they’re getting published.

I would tell you that as much as I try to have a good attitude and enjoy the holidays, they’ve always been hard on me and I feel them closing in. My depression kicks into high gear this time of year. It’s the combination of lack of sunlight and having to run the roads for two solid months, which means less time for writing, and writing is one of my best coping strategies. And the people. So many people.

I’m an online extrovert, and I am much more assertive and outgoing offline now that I have ever been in my life, but I do not deal well with crowds, nor with constant social interaction. I need a lot of alone time to maintain my mental and emotional stability, and I never get enough of it in November and December. I have to be more mindful of my mental state this time of year than any other. If I don’t, the depression fuels the anxiety and I end up being a paralyzed bundle of nerves by the middle of January. The blogging helped mightily with that last year; I’m hoping it proves to be equally therapeutic this year.

I’d tell you that my family is doing fine, and nothing much to report there. No funny grandson stories this week. It was just one of those weeks where everyone went to work and school, and we mostly got to bed on time every night. He’s out of school this whole week for Thanksgiving, and I’m off starting on Wednesday, so I’m looking forward to a little boy-time over the break.

My blogging and other social media is also good, especially considering the fact that I’ve not been around very much since Halloween. Just Gene’O is picking up followers, and I have no idea why, because I’m not doing anything over there I haven’t been doing for awhile. Sourcerer‘s doing as well for contributors as we’ve ever done, and I’m looking to have a big spring with that blog.

I’ve already got enough support for next year’s Feminist Friday discussions to feel as though it’s worth my time to lay out a schedule and write a post for the first round, and I’m expecting to hear from a few more bloggers in the next week or so. My @Sourcererblog Twitter account is lurching in fits and starts toward 5K followers. I’m following a ton of new accounts this weekend, and hoping to get over that hump in the next month or so. I’ve finally got enough bloggers who interact with me on other social media in my Facebook network to feel as though sharing blog links on my timeline is worthwhile. Life is good on the social media for me now, and it’s good because I have so many awesome friends to interact with.

And I’d ask you what you’ve been up to since the last time we had coffee.



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  1. I know what you mean about being an introvert and needing a lot of away-from-crowd time to maintain my/your stability I’m the same way. I find that social media allows me to interact with others without the ill effects I get from real-life/physical proximity.


    1. You’re absolutely right about the social media. In-person interaction, especially in crowds, is chaotic. I get sensory overload from it, is part of my problem. Social media allows me to keep the interaction ordered and respond to things at my own pace.

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  2. So glad you’re feeling better! I am still struggling to get my act together with a blogging schedule.

    I’ve found recently that FaceBook does have it’s perks. I’ve started following a lot of bloggers and blogging sites on there and it’s made my FB feed SO much more interesting and entertaining and fun. Basically all of the writers have started to drown out the typical annoying FB behavior. I’m going to PM you on Facebook about that…

    Glad you’re back and I hope you get through the next few months with some peace and tranquility. It’s good to be a little selfish sometimes and take care of yourself. I say that, yet I don’t always practice it!


  3. I’m glad that you are feeling better! I need to post for today…yikes….

    I am the opposite, online extrovert, in life introvert. Painfully so sometimes. Not always the best thing to deal with especially this time of year with crowds, etc.


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