(OAMG) Card Games

This is a special OAMG post. I’m going to be sharing a few card games that I think are great to travel with and play with the family; two criteria I find necessary for the upcoming holiday. I love card games and they tend to be less intimidating than say, oh, I don’t know, Mansions of Madness when it comes to playing a game with non-tabletop gamers.

Skip Bo is one of my favorite card games. We never played it when I was younger, and I honestly have no idea how it came to be in my possession. It is always packed in my bag whenever I am going to be spending time out-of-town, just in case.

The dealer deals each player 30 cards (for a 2-4 player game; 20 for 5-6). These are your stockpile and you keep them facedown except for the top card. The remaining cards are placed face down and are the draw pile.

The goal of the game is to be the first player to play all the cards in your stock pile. You do this by building piles (there are 4 building piles) from 1-12 with cards in your hand (drawn from the draw pile), cards in you discard piles (you end each turn by discarding one card from your hand into one of four discard piles. Be careful with your discards! You can only use the top card from a pile!

This game gets competitive fast and is a ton of fun. Whenever I play it, the end of each game is really just the beginning of the next one.

Published by: Mattel Games

Price: $10.99

Phase Ten is another card game that I don’t know how I got it, but I am sure glad to have it. My husband and I get very competitive with this one, we still have fun playing it, every time, though.

Each player is dealt 10 cards and your goal is to be the first player to complete all ten phases (pictured above). The cards not dealt are the draw pile and there is a discard pile next to it. This game can be a long one.

Published by: Mattel Games

Price: $4.50

My old friend, the deck of playing cards. As a child who always wanted to play games and had no one wanting to play with me, I became quite the solitary player. However, if you have friends and family willing to play a quick hand with you, the options with this one deck is almost limitless. Here are just a few of my favorite games with a deck of cards:

Crazy 8s 



Slap Jack



You can click on the links for the rules and how-to’s of each of these games.

Spend time with your loved ones this holiday and if you can, sneak in a game or two!

Have a suggestion for a board game you’d like to see on this Once A Month Gamer post? Have any questions about this month’s game? Leave a comment down below.



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    1. I just looked that game up and at first I was like “Oh neat!” but then as I continued to read how to play, my brain started to hurt. I think this is one I’d have to be taught in person, lol.


  1. I love games and was excited to read this because I have never played Skip Bo pr Phase 10, but I suspect I’ll like them too since I am also a fan of the card games with a traditional deck that you mentioned enjoying, like Hearts and Speed. So I’ll have to try these, especially during holiday get-togethers like you said. Thanks for this info!

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