Top Ten Tuesday: Winter Reading List

After my foray into exams, I’m back again. Well, mostly. There’s still a long stretch of things to do before the semester ends, including grading, averaging, and All the Christmas Things.

But for now, I’m celebrating finishing comprehensive exams. I won’t know how well or not well they went for another week or so, but whatever happens, I know that I did my best. So I sit here with cupcake in hand, rewarding myself for being done, and The Broke and the Bookish have a booking meme that is Just Right for Me this week—top 10 books on my winter TBR list.

This winter, for the first time in a while, I’ll actually have a break in required reading, and I’ll be able to pick up some books that I’ve been wanting to read but haven’t had the time yet. There are, of course, far more than 10 on my TBR list, but here are the Top Ten on that list:

1. It’s Complicated: The Social Lives of Networked Teens, danah boyd.

2. Hollow City, Ransom Riggs.

3. Egg and Spoon, Gregory Maguire.

4. We Were Liars, E. Lockhart.

5. Through the Woods, Emily Carroll.

6. The Serpent of Venice, Christopher Moore.

7. Havisham: A Novel, Ronald Frame.

8. The Language of Silence, Peggy Web.

9. So We Read On: How the Great Gatsby Came to Be and Why It Endures, Maureen Corrigan.

10. How to Build a Girl: A Novel, Caitlin Moran.



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  1. I’ve been trying to get to Gone Girl since it came out but other obligations keep me from getting to it. And by obligations I mean Orange is the New Black and Far Cry 4. It’s kind of depressing how much distraction and entertainment I have at my disposal. My uncle Leonard would punch me in the mouth if he were alive.

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    1. hahaha….I understand that, though. Gosh, there are so many times when I can’t even decide what I want to distract myself with because there are so many options. Child me would be so annoyed with adult me.

      Gone Girl was…Well, I had mixed feelings about it. I wanted to like it, but I just found myself irritated with the characters most of the time.

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    1. Yeah, I found it a few weeks ago as I was pulling together a list of characters who I wish had gotten their own stories, because Miss Havisham has always been on the top of that list for me. Finally, someone wrote her a story—so I’m lookin forward to seeing what it’s like.


    1. I can’t do audiobooks because I’m a visual learner, but also because it would probably drive me crazier to hear the bad writing than to read through it quickly. lol

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  2. Ahhh I had ‘Through the Woods’ as well, It’s just such a perfect wintery read! Love your list, especially How to Build a Girl

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