The Thursday Thirteen on Friday: Post Ideas

It’s been a busy week, what with student conferences and comps exams and family lunches and long drives. It’s also been a week of Feelings I Don’t Have Words For. Exhausted from exams, I’ve watched with increasing horror what has unfolded in Ferguson, and I’ve felt jubilation over the marriage equality ruling in Mississippi.  But writing isn’t something I’ve had a lot of time to do this week. And so this week’s Thursday Thirteen By Way of Friday is 13 Posts I Want to Write:

1. Things I’ve lost. I’ve lost so many things…My car keys. A diamond from the earrings my father gave me. Innocence. There’s a post in that.

2. Mockingjay Part 1. I haven’t yet seen it, but when I do, I hope to be able to write a post about the new film, much as I did the other one when I posted about Finnick.

3. Christmas present ideas. Last year I wrote a bit about how I decide what to budget and where to look for gifts. This year I’d like to do a post or two with gift ideas.

4. Memories from girlhood. I’m thinking of doing an actual series of these. One of the things that I’m finding is that as I discuss my experiences, I am able to find out both about myself and others. My favorite post to-date on this type of thing is my Molly post for last year’s A-Z Challenge.


5. And speaking of….Some A-Z posts. Gene’O already has a lot of what Sourcerer is going to do nailed down, and I’ll be writing some posts over there. And I’ll definitely be participating on PTM this time, so I want to get to work deciding on a theme and composing posts, because last year was a doozy!

6. A Tolkien post. I’ve mostly left the Tolkien discussions to Gene’O on this blog, but I’m also a Tolkien-ite. I’d like to weigh in on some of the discussions we’ve been having here.

7. An interview with my husband about Rolling with Kings. When Gene’O and I first began this venture, we had a third blogging partner, Sam, my then-fiance-now-husband. Sam’s blog stayed with us long enough to help us off the ground, and then film work took off and Universal Half-Truths hasn’t been updated. But I’d like to reintroduce the project to my readers as Sam and his colleagues begin moving toward completion.

The Rolling Elvi at a St. Baldrick's Event
The Rolling Elvi at a St. Baldrick’s Event

8. Secrets. I want to talk about secrets, maybe tell a few in the process. I’m really interested in how that word is perceived.

9. FAQs about the Monster.

10. An open-for-submissions post. We’re not quite there yet, but I hope that soon I’ll be at a point of accepting new contributors and submissions, and I’m planning to write a hopefully-clever-definitely-informative post about them.

11. Things about New Orleans. I sometimes discuss the experiences I’ve had here since we moved, but not often. And New Orleans is a fantastic city. There are probably lots of posts to be had about it.


12. The Whoseries. It was woefully left behind, but in the coming weeks I hope to return to the world of Doctor Who and resume our series.

13. Award post(s). I need to return to passing around those awards that the Monster has garnered, as there are plenty of folks out there.

Bonus: I’ll make it a Fifteen Friday–

14. My favorite editions. I have some beautiful editions of books, so I’d like to do a post about favorite book editions that I own, and maybe some that I’d like to own.

15. Books by people I know. I have a long list of talented friends from the blogging world and from my graduate school days, and a lot of those talented people have books published. I want to do a post about some of those.



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    1. They’re definitely some of the things that I’m going to work on for January, and the semester is almost over here, so I’ll have a bit more time, even with the upcoming holidays. Looking forward to writing more!

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