Feminist Friday: 10 Favorite Feminist Pins

I’m still preparing for my oral comprehensive exams. On Monday afternoon, I’ll sit in a room with 5 of my professors, my comps committee, who will fire questions at me about my research focus area (children’s literature) and my research methodology (feminist theory) and how those fit together within my selected time period (1865-1965). I’ve also got a few things to do this weekend—an event at Little Jedi’s school today and a Christmas parade tomorrow with reviewing for the exam between.

And we’ve put the Feminist Friday Project on hold until January, though we’ll be proceeding with those in January. But I’m in the middle of talking about feminism and girlhood, about what childhood was like and what being a girl meant in one of the most tumultuous times in American history: the period between the end of the Civil War and through the height of the Civil Rights Movement. It’s really, really interesting stuff.

So today I decided to do a Pin-post with some of my favorite feminist pins from our board on feminism. Here are 10 of them:












A link to the board–



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