Weekend Coffee Share Link-Up Announcement!

I’ve been posting “If We Were Having Coffee” on  Saturdays for a while now. The format works well and has proven to be a lot of fun, and it’s also caught on, from what I can see, spreading from Just Gene’O and me to several other bloggers, too.

And I think that’s neat. I only wish I knew who wrote the first of these posts, because they’re really a fantastic idea. I found one as I was stumbling through the interwebs ages ago, and I decided to turn it into a weekly feature here at the Monster. From that, it grew.

Part of the joy of coffee posts is in their diversity. They change week-to-week, and they change blogger-to-blogger. Sometimes coffee chats are serious. Sometimes they’re funny. Sometimes they’re not coffee chats so much as coffee rants.

And starting this Saturday, January 10, coffee posts at the Monster will be Weekend Coffee Share posts. I’ll write my coffee posts and provide a link-up at the end. I’ve also registered us a handy-dandy #weekendcoffeeshare tag for sharing posts using a hashtag. And if you don’t write your post on Saturday, don’t worry! The linky will stay open until Sunday afternoons, and you can link a coffee post from anytime that week to the linky.

So join us Saturday, Jan 10 for the inaugural Weekend Coffee Share link-up! We do like to share our coffee. 🙂



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