If We Were Having Coffee: The Inaugural Weekend Coffee Share

If we were having coffee, I’d tell you hello, probably in a voice about an octave higher than I generally use. Because sometimes when I get nervous or excited, I squeak a little bit. It’s not like those ear-splitting squeals, and I don’t jump up and down, but my voice does take on a decidedly-girlish squeak.

It was the bane of my existence for a while, but I’ve come to terms with it. There’s nothing wrong with a little girlishness.

Anyhow, I’m definitely excited today, because it’s our first weekend coffee share. I started the coffee posts in May of last year. I saw a one-off coffee post on another blog (one that I desperately wish I remembered), and I decided to turn it into a feature. Gene’O joined a little while later, and others have joined us along the way. And so I thought it was time we all had coffee together.


If we were having coffee (and I suppose we are, really), I would remind you to post your link and to tag your posts on Twitter and Facebook with #weekendcoffeeshare. If you haven’t ever written a coffee post, you should try it out. One of the things I love about this sort of post is its elastic quality and the differences from one post to the next, one blogger to the next.


If we were having coffee, I’d tell you that Part Time Monster is definitely a monstrous little brain child. It started about a year and a half ago when Gene’O and I kicked around the possibility of starting a collaborative blog with a few friends and colleagues.

For a month or more we discussed what kind of content we might produce, who else might be interested in writing, what platform we should use, etc. We discussed structure and purpose for hours upon hours before writing a word.

But one day I just started Part Time Monster. It was National Blog Posting Month and I thought “what the hell” and dove in. I gave it a name and started writing posts.

Jumping into a blog that tries to post every day might have been easier if I’d written some posts in advance. But if I hadn’t started Part Time Monster when I did and let it evolve as I continued writing, I wouldn’t have the Monster’s focus on books, girls, and sociocultural commentary. And that focus is what I love about writing here.

Because life has changed drastically for me in the past year, I haven’t written as much about books or girls or pop culture. In some ways, the blog has become a personal chronicle. And that’s fine. The Monster was always intended to serve as a personal blog as well as a nerd blog.

But I’ve missed those focused, nerdy posts I was writing at the beginning of 2014. It’s been a while, for instance, since I’ve been able to write something like a character analysis of Finnick Odair or a 30-day A to Z series on girls in fiction.

Now, armed with a new calendar (seriously, it works wonders!) and more time, book and pop culture blogging will be back at the Monster. We’re still girl-centric, albeit accidentally.


Click on the blue box to get started!

Note: This will open a new window where you’ll be able to view links to coffee posts and enter your post and blog information. Please use a permalink to your coffee post, not a front-page link, and don’t forget to tweet your posts using #weekendcoffeeshare!

(Editor’s Note: If you’re having trouble with the linky, try reading this post at Sourcerer. Gene’O helpfully wrote up some tips for those confused by the not-quite-ideal formatting of the linky.)



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    1. Understandable! It seems to have been a busy year for everyone already, and we’re just 2 weeks in! Looking forward to reading more from you when you’re able to write more again.


  1. Just a heads-up. I’m seeing some marketing, video promotion, and all-around clueless attention seekers on the hashtag. No hard-core spammers yet, but they’ll find it eventually. This is annoying, but it is a good sign. Attention-seekers don’t bother unless they think they might get some attention. It says we’ve done a good job spreading this hashtag. And since we haven’t done much real promotion yet it is an even better sign.

    We need to decide what to ignore, what to give warnings for, and what to report. Some of the decisions there are easy, but there are lots of gray areas. Like, for instance, just a coffee image and best wishes with no blog post can add atmosphere and get more attention for the hashtag. Do we just let those be as long as they don’t get out of hand?

    Just assuming most people who habitually scan the tag will ignore the irrelevant and block anything that interferes with their enjoyment of the coffee. But you and I, Diana, need some rules of thumb so I will know how to respond to the inevitable invasion when it happens.

    Liked by 1 person

        1. haha! No worries! Just a bit of cheekiness there. Gene’O is actually my older brother and blogger-in-crime. Glad he led you over here. 🙂


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