The Thursday Thirteen: Bookish Confessions

I started publishing The Thursday Thirteen a few months ago. I enjoy listing posts, and I love the number 13. I also like alliteration. This week, since the Monster is back to its bookish ways, I thought I’d share a few confessions about reading.

1. I have to read things in a sequence. If there’s a Book 1, then I must read it before I read Book 2. This even goes for books that could theoretically stand-alone.

2. I think you can learn a lot about a person by what they’re reading. But I think you can learn even more about a person (and what they think of others) from the books they give as presents.


3. I also have a very difficult time not finishing a book. If I start it, I have to know what happens.

4. My favorite book when I was a wee tot was a Golden Book, Where’s Goldie.


5. I have a really difficult time reading more than one book at a time. I have always had that problem, even when I was in school. It meant studying had to be carefully scheduled. Now it’s not so bad—I just devour one and move on to another.

6. I absolutely judge books by their covers.

And I hate movie tie-in covers.
And I hate movie tie-in covers.

7. I read every single part of a book—the dedication, epigram, introduction, copy, epilogue, acknowledgments, author bio, appendices–if it’s in there, I’m reading it. Unless it’s a reading club guide. Then probably not.

8. Books rarely make me cry or laugh aloud. That’s not to say that I don’t get emotional when I’m reading, because I do. I just don’t tend to manifest those emotions.

9. I’ve had a crush on more than one book character in my lifetime. But none of them have been Mr. Darcy or Edward Cullen.

10. If I were a dragon, I would hoard books.


11. I’ve had to learn to like nonfiction, but I now have a serious appreciation for it. I don’t read biographies often, but I do enjoy books on culture and memoirs.

12. I think children’s literature is some of the most powerful and important literature being published.

13. I enjoyed the time I spent picking apart, analyzing, and writing about books as a grad student. I think it made both my reading and writing skills far sharper than they otherwise might’ve been. That said, I don’t miss required reading.




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  1. I don’t tend to read more than one book at once but I do laugh out loud or cry buckets if needed. I just become so immersed in the book. I once cried so hard (A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness) that my son asked me to stop reading it!


  2. Movie covers are blasphemous if you ask me. And I frequently DON’T read all the parts of a book. I’ll skip an introduction if it’s over 5 pages for sure. I skim the acknowledgements. If there’s an epilogue usually I’ll read it but I always approach with caution.


  3. I’m one of those annoying people who laugh out loud (or cry) when reading a book! My daughters and I regularly take long car journeys (family visits usually) and I listen to audio books. Though they ignore me most of the time, I get a few strange looks when I laugh. Thinking about it though, I guess audio books sometimes make the difference because sarcasm or any other emotion can have a bigger impact when it’s auditory 🙂 Great post. I enjoyed learning your reading habits and thirteen is my favourite number!


    1. Audiobooks are on the list of things that I Can’t Do. It’s like I need to read it, to hold a physical copy of the book. Not an auditory learner, I suppose.

      And 13 is my favorite number, too. 🙂

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  4. I’m also a sucker for alliteration. 🙂
    I do laugh and cry out loud when I’m reading. In fact, I vividly remember crying with laughter the first time I ever read Life, The Universe and Everything by Douglas Adams. I read (and reread) all those books in order.
    I am also that person that reads the last page first. I just can’t help it. That coupled with my tendency to get a bit teary proved a troublesome combination when trying to get through Orwell’s 1984. I couldn’t finish it the first time because it upset me so much. I got a little bit further on the second attempt and finally finished it on the third reading. That awful final line in my head right from the start.
    And if a book had a movie tie-in cover, I’d refuse to read it on principle! Xx


    1. I love the Hitchhiker’s Guide the Galaxy books! I need to re-read them because it’s been a while, but I really enjoyed them.

      I can’t read the last page first–don’t like to know what happens. Spoilers are the bane of my existence. Sometimes I won’t even read or watch something if I know the ending.


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