My Favorite Quotes About Reading

I’ve been doing a lot of reading in my spare time lately, and I have a lot more spare reading time lately.

And I suppose I’ve just been thinking a lot about reading in general. So today, here are 10 of my favorite quotes about reading:














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  1. I love #3. I finished reading Scarlet Tides, Moontide Series book 2 and felt like a crack addict. I had to have more of the story, but the 3rd book isn’t available in the States yet. *Sigh*


    1. I suppose one of my other quirks is this: I don’t read a series unless the author is finished writing it. I get nervous that they’ll abandon it or something will happen to them before it’s finished. And I like being able to just devour a series all in one go. I think the Harry Potter books have been my only exception.

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      1. I received the second book free so I had to get the first one. Then I just couldn’t stop reading. I know what you mean about people abandoning their series. I had that happen to me and there’s no way they author is going to finish the rest of the series so I’m stuck with only one book.


        1. Oh, see, that’s a pain! I have the same worry about TV shows, because you never know if they’re going to get cancelled before they can properly wrap up their storylines.

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