About that Tolkien Series

Since I said all over the social media that the Tolkien series was coming back in January, and I am not going to make that deadline, I need to say a word or three about it. I have every intention of bringing it back but it is one of three big things that are just not getting done this month. The other two, just in case you are wondering, are starting my own Facebook group for the friendly bloggers I know over there and watermarking my massive original photo stock.

image by Silentrageleon/Deviant Art
image by Deviant Artist silentrageleon

All those things will get done. Just not in January. Here is why.

  • The Feminist Fridays are more important. Looking back on the last year, that project is one the big things that put us in the very sound position we are in now. I say it all the time. It’s the most important project we have. I mean that when I say it.
  • #WeekendCoffeeShare is more important. It is good for us and for about 30 of our friends here on WordPress. It is our way into a huge Twitter presence, eventually. It’s critical for the future.
  • Doing right by the bloggers who contribute for Sourcerer without any compensation other than the fun of it, a few incoming links, what attention I can give them, and a tiny bit of exposure is more important.
  • April A to Z is more important. It’s going to be big for us this year. It’s a must-win. I’ve been building the social infrastructure to do A to Z at Sourcerer with ten or twelve different bloggers for five months. It sounded crazy when I started talking about it. But we are about to do it.

All that isn’t leaving me any time to spend in four-hour blocks continuing a series of literary essays that is historically one of the least-read series we have.

image by lucasmt
image by Deviant Artist lucasmt

The Tolkien series will start up again (I sincerely hope soon) once we get the Feminist Fridays rolling so all I have to do is promote it during the week and join in the discussion. The Facebook group is a longer-term project, but it will get done during the first half of this year, I think. The photo stock is a likely a project for the late summer or early fall.

If you are looking for some smart, interesting Tolkien blogging in the meantime, you might like Sweating to Mordor and A Tolkienist’s Perspective. You may also like The Leather Library’s Tolkien category, even though they do other things as well.

If you are a real fiend, check out Middle Earth News. They’ve featured my work and done me more than one good turn on the social media. Some of the nice folks involved with that website also blog at The Travelling Geek Show, and they are good at blogging.



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  1. LOTR is another one of those book series that I never got into. I wanted to, especially when my son got into it in middle school then when the movies came out. He even bought me the DVDs so I could watch them. I think I sat through one once and fell asleep through another. I would like to get into it, though. I suppose I should pick it up along with a copy of Cliff’s Notes or some other aid or I will get totally lost before the story gets going!

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    1. I was fortunate. My mom read the Hobbit to me at a very impressionable age and it grabbed me. The Tolkien is hands-down my favorite fantasy, and I am a fantasy nerd.

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  2. Looking forward to the revival of the Tolkien series, but I understand the weight of TIME. Good luck and know that your audience will be happy whenever you can bring it back! 🙂

    And thanks for the love for Middle-earth News and Travelling Geek Show! 😀

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    1. You’re very welcome. And I want to bring it back post-haste. I want to finish it, because it’s really the first draft of a single, coherent project. I’m just drafting it in the form of blog posts. I want to get it done and collate the posts to see if what I have is worth a revision.

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