The Thursday Thirteen: 13 of my Favorite Words in the English Language

I’d say I hoard words, but really they’re more of a collection than a hoard. I don’t hide them away. I use them, and I always have. I suppose part of that is Gene’O’s fault. When I was a wee one, Gene’O thought it was fun to teach me words, fun to hear me say ten-dollar vocabulary words in my wee-baby Diana voice. I’m sure it was.

It was also fun for me. I remember enjoying the attention that a small child with a large vocabulary gets. I remember bouncing on the bed, using words that I’d learned that day in sentences so that I’d remember them. I remember gobbling up books and words.

I still do. And along the way, I’ve picked up some words that I just love. Here are a few of them:

1. Lagniappe. (Something thrown in for good measure, something extra.)

2. Talisman. (A good luck charm.)

3. Quintessential. (Absolutely essential.)

4. Proverbial. (Well-known.)

5. Opulent. (Luxurious.)

6. Kerfuffle. (Commotion, fuss.)

7. Befuddle. (Confuse.)

8. Amorphous. (Shapeless.)

9. Myriad. (A great number.)

10. Jobler. (A person who does odd jobs.)

11. Eclectic. (Uses multiple sources.)

12. Zenith. (High point.)

13. Starrify. (To decorate with stars.)



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  1. I’d say I use at least half of these on a semi-regular basis. In English we have so many words at our disposal, it’s fun to make use of as many as possible, as long as they fit the occasion of course.


    1. 🙂 I agree. There are so many more I could’ve put on this list, not to mention the words that we use that aren’t English at all but are still beautiful. There are a lot of words we just don’t have, like schadenfreude.

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    1. Lagniappe seems mostly confined to use in my area–Louisiana and the coastal regions. It came from French Cajun.

      Starrify is an archaic word, and oh, there’s another I like: archaic.

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        1. 🙂 I do love the French Cajun words around here, though. Lagniappe is really a useful word. It’s pronounced LAN-yap.


    1. haha…I also love that word, although I used it wrong for ages. I’d always heard people use it as a fancier way of saying “ultimate,” and I was humbled when I found out what it meant. I think I was, oh, 14 or so.

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    1. Thanks, and glad you could take some inspiration from it! 🙂

      I’m looking forward to the A-Z Challenge. Last year I wrote about girls in children’s literature—-just haven’t made up my mind yet for this one!


  2. porlocking (an irksome intrusion or interruption). Ok, it isn’t actually used anymore, but I’m trying to bring it back (by using it on a daily basis at work…sigh…) 🙂 Nice list of words!

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