OAMG: Hero versus Guardian


I’m back! And I have SO MANY new games to share with all of you! It’s taken me a hot minute to get to writing this post, but it is finally happening.

This game was made with the power of Kickstarter. The names of backers borders the cover art on the box, and I am grateful to these people who helped make this super fun dungeon builder game a reality (and ultimately, part of my collection).

THEME: Adventure, Fantasy, Humor, Dungeon

PUBLISHER: Kickstarter funded!

DESIGNER(S): C. Aaron Kreader

COST: $29

This game is than just skill decks and dice rolls. It marries chance with being able to read your opponent(s) and figure out their strategy. There is the Guardian of the Dungeon, who is trying to keep his/her treasure and get rid of the heroes who seek it. The Hero(es) enlist adventurers from the tavern to explore the dungeon and find the treasures it holds within.

The initial set-up is done by the Guardian player, who builds the dungeon with sixteen room cards. (PRO TIP: First play through, be sure to REALLY read the cards. I made the mistake of just glancing at the names of the cards and not what they actually do the first time I played. Needless to say, I lost. Quickly.) Once the Guardian places the entrance tokens outside the dungeon, the game begins.

The game comes with glass stones to count as action tokens that the players spend to do a variety of actions. They go back and forth until all tokens are spent, and then a new round begins.

Heroes use their action points to prep their adventurers and explore the dungeon. The Guardian uses them to build more rooms, shift the playing field (literally) and try to impede the Hero’s progress. There are four room types at the Guardian’s disposal: Traps, Brutes, Evil and Magic. The Hero can recruit adventurers from the tavern that have special abilities against different room types (i.e. the Warriors are better against Brute rooms).

The Hero scores points by defeating rooms in the dungeon (and thus, removing them from game play). The Guardian scores points by capturing the Hero’s adventurers and their gear; also he/she gets points by keeping the dungeon unexplored. The game ends when the Guardian is out of dungeon cards or when the Hero captures the Treasure Vault room card. I may have lost this game every time I’ve played, so far (as both Hero and Guardian), but it is a lot of fun and I’ll keep playing it, win or lose.

Lyn, Lazy Lady

Have a suggestion for a board game you’d like to see on this Once A Month Gamer post? Have any questions about this month’s game? Leave a comment down below.




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    1. With very rare exceptions, all my games are at least two players and up. In the box with the ratings you can find the number of players, average game time and ages. 🙂


        1. I can assure you, this game works great for 2 players. I play almost all of the games I review with just my husband first. If we really like it and it can be played with more than 2 players, then we play with other friends. 🙂


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