Wordless Wednesday: Spring

Photo by Gene'O
Photo by Gene’O


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  1. Just a couple of notes, @parttimemonster. I notice that people are liking the seasonal themes, and especially the spring and summer images shared in winter.

    The categories are looking good! Can’t wait for those new menus. That week I spent figuring out how to organize content effectively is already paying dividends for me. Tons of archive hits since I fixed up my menus and added the widgets that feature the posts to my sidebar.

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  2. My four year old grandson lives to pull weeds so when he got out of the car after school yesterday, he ran for the front yard to pull weeds. He called out, “hey Nana, what’s that? Is it a weed too?” I took a look and saw that the crocus plants that I keep trying to kill were coming up again and I had to smile because I am more than ready to see some color and some new growth!

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    1. ha! Once, when I was a teenager, my dad told me to weed the flower beds. I pulled up several hundred bulbs that were not in bloom because I thought they were wild onions. Then my mom realized what I did and so I had to spend the rest of the day re-planting them.

      I am ready for he green to come back myself.

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    1. You are welcome! I find that the dead of winter is the best time for these sorts of images. I have an abundance of them, and always taking more when I can find them.


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