The Thursday Thirteen: 13 Favorite Comedy-Horror Films

I’ve mentioned, once or twice, that I’m a fan of horror films.

I have an especially soft spot for comedy-horror. It can go really, really bad–but when it’s good, it’s really, really good. I like the combination of laughter and fear, the way comedy-horror often pokes fun not just at the horror film genre but at our humanity and its discontents.

Here are my favorites:




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  1. Zombieland is one of those movies that if I am channel surfing and pass it, even if it is on basic with commercials, I just have to watch it until it is over. It never gets old.

    This is a nice way to do a Thursday 13. I am now curious to know what kind of editor you are using and how much time it took to do that. I’ve never done anything, really, with image editing except cropping and scaling photos, and that uber-cool map of my fantasy world I spent that whole summer crafting.

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    1. That is a free template from a site called Pixlr ( It’s what I use to do all of the collages. On their menu they have a setting for collage, and it allows you to choose a layout, upload your photos, and tinker with the white space and proportions of the image. Generally, it takes me longer to find the 10 or 13 images that I need for posts than it does to put them into a collage.


  2. I love Zombieland so much! My brother and I used to love to go to really horrible horror movies and laugh at them (for all the wrong reasons) when everyone else was scared, but when we saw Zombieland we actually LOVED it. I’m glad to hear someone else appreciates it as much!

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  3. M and I watched Rubber on Netflix one day. Fascinating.

    Also, part of his 13th birthday present was a copy of Rocky Horror on DVD. I was tired of him trying to download it illegally.


    1. Yeah, it’s a really interesting movie.

      And gosh, that’s really funny about RHPS. It seems to be one of those Movies That Will Not Die.


  4. Love the genre! I have some catching up to do though. I’ve only seen 3 on your list! Rocky Horror is a classic. To my husband’s dismay, I had to make sure the Time Warp was played at my wedding, hehe


  5. I love this list! Fido is especially a favorite. 🙂 Have you seen Poultrygeist? If you don’t mind pointless nudity and really juvenile humor and low-budget productions, you might enjoy it. 😀

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