#WeekendCoffeeShare: Gene’O-Blog Style!

Weekly "If We Were Having Coffee" Link-Up
Weekly “If We Were Having Coffee” Link-Up

(This is not Diana speaking to you today. I am posting from her account because she set me up a shell with the linky code and so it goes under her name, but into my author category. And yes. We did it this way on purpose. Because me saving a draft and her adding the linky code to my draft would have just been too easy. Enjoy!)

If we were having coffee, I would tell you I am excited to be posting something other than Wednesday photos here again. It seems like ages since I’ve done substantial writing for the Monster. It’s good to be back, and I’m happy to be your #WeekendCoffeeShare host this week.

I would tell you I’m finally starting my Tolkien series back up here on Monday. So look for either a new installment or a roundup of Tolkien posts from me here every week through the end of March. I am unsure yet just how many posts it will take to discuss Bilbo, but I plan to get as far as I can before the inevitable break for Blogging A to Z occurs in April.

I’m finally the teeniest bit ahead with my writing. I’m giving the Friday 56 at Freda’s Voice a trial run for the next month at Just Gene’O, I have my #1000Speak post drafted, and I have a rough draft of a short series of knowledge base posts on trolling behavior. I am also working up something substantial for Comparative Geeks to run later in the year.

Sadly, all this writing hasn’t left as much time as I’d like to spend on Twitter and Facebook, so I’ve just had to cut back. I’m basically only answering private messages and doing quick shares there on Tuesday through Thursday until I am done reloading the content and I have my A to Z posts written. I am still doing my best to answer my blog threads, though, and scanning notifications periodically so as not to miss anything important.

And I would tell you the personal life ain’t all that grand right now. I rarely talk about my problems on the Internet except for very general things like being an anxious, depression-prone insomniac. I won’t go into detail in the coffee share post, but I’ve got unpleasantness going on that I have little control over. It’s not life-threatening or marriage-threatening or job-threatening, but it is producing much unhappiness and worry.

All I can do, really, is get what help I can with it and keep rolling until things get better. I’m mentioning it here for two reasons. One is that I have few people to talk about it with, and I figure if I can’t mention it to the coffee share crowd, I’m probably blogging for the wrong reasons. The other is that at some point, I may go through a phase where I only have enough internet time to schedule posts at Sourcerer and keep in contact with contributors and with my many Internet collaborators.

I’d also tell you I wish you a fine weekend, I plan to be around on Twitter this afternoon and for #SundayBlogShare tomorrow, and I hope you keep blogging. Diana’s doing Mardi Gras things this weekend, so if you have trouble with the linky, drop a comment on the thread and I’ll handle it. Now I am off to read some coffee posts!



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