The Thursday Thirteen: The 31 Edition

Today, I turn 31.


It’s a number I had difficulty imaging for myself when I was younger. Not that I thought I wouldn’t make it to 31 or anything–it’s more that I had trouble visualizing what I’d be like at 31. It seemed like such an Adult age, such a grown-up number.

Last year, I talked a little bit about the things that I was about to do and the things that I thought-I-should-be-about-to-do.

In the past year, I’ve done oh so much. Thirty was a good, if difficult, age. And in the spirit of the day, my 13 Thursday is devoted to Things I Want to Do While I’m 31.

1. Play with penguins. The Audubon Zoo here in NOLA offers penguin encounters, and I love creatures of all sorts. I want to play with a penguin.

2. Meet more people in New Orleans. I have some wonderful friends (and family!) in the area, but without having ever worked or gone to school in the city, I only know a few people here. I’d like to branch out a bit and start making some new friends here now that I feel at home in the city.

3. Learn more Spanish. I know just a little bit—not enough to hold a real conversation. Now that Little Jedi is in a Spanish immersion program, I’d like to get at least the fundamentals down.

4. Take a glassblowing class. There’s a studio here in NOLA, and I’d like to see what it’s like.

5. Spend more time with our families. We get really busy, and I forget this one too easily, it gets shuffled aside.  But we have some family members who are really cool, and we need to see them more often.

6. Go somewhere new. I like to travel. We’re fairly limited right now in or time off and funding, but there are lots of places, even nearby, that we’ve never been. So going somewhere new is on the list.

7. Start swimming again. Yoga is ok. I’m enjoying the calm, slow strength of it. But I love swimming. At some point, I stopped swimming, starting being more afraid of the bathing suit than comfortable in the water. Screw that. Time to swim again.

8. Host a grown up dinner party. I’ve got a fairly grown-up house and grown-up dishes and live a fairly grown-up life, but I’ve never hosted a grown-up dinner party. I’d like to do that this year.

9. Get a new tattoo. I have two, and I love them. Sam’s Valentine’s Day gift to me was a new tattoo, and I can’t wait to have it done.

10. Make something. I used to be a rather crafty person, but I haven’t made anything in a while. Watching the Mardi Gras costumers, though, especially those with fantastic homemade costumes, made me want to start creating things again.

11. Take a class (or several) on social media.

12. Bake more often. I used to enjoy baking, but I haven’t done it in a while. I’d like to do it again.

13. Make Part Time Monster a .com site. I’m thinking on this one, but I want the blog to be revamped and with its own address.



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  1. This list is great! There are a handful of activities that I used to do that I’d like to get back to someday. Also I feel you on the being afraid of the swimsuit–I had to swim with my campers this summer and always dreaded that part of it, but once I was wearing it every day I stopped caring as much.

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    1. Thanks!

      I’ve always had a complicated relationship with swimming because there was the big rubber cap when I was small, and I haven’t generally been very comfy with my body, but I do love the way the water feels.

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  2. Well, I’m a day late and a dollar short, so happy belated birthday! I hope you had fun 🙂 I like that you’ve set goals for yourself in your 31st year. It’s a wonderful idea and exciting to think of all you can achieve.

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  3. Happy Birthday, Diana!
    Ok, I had no idea that Audubon offered penguin encounters, and now my life won’t be complete until I have one.
    You’ll get to scratch of number two (hopefully) in a few weeks at the Blogger Brunch!
    The glass blowing place is literally in the same building as my day job; it’s pretty cool.

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    1. Maybe we should go play with penguins together! They offer a chance to play with and feed baby penguins at Audubon, and I really want to go!

      I’m really excited about the blogger brunch in a few weeks!!

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  4. Well Happy Birthday to you! This is a great list. I’ve learned that baking and making things with my hands can be great stress relievers and a really great way to unwind, so I wish you much success with that 🙂
    As Trent says; you’re still so young!!! Ahh to be only 31 again…sigh.
    And as for #7 – If I had a dollar for every time I’ve had that conversation with my sweetie…
    Screw other people’s opinions and if you want to: go swimming!

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    1. Why thanks!

      I’m intending to start by refinishing some furniture, especially a few things in Little Jedi’s room that I’d like to paint and a desk that I bought with the intent to refinish but never got around to because of school.

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    1. 🙂 Thanks!

      Mostly I feel pretty young, but on occasion, I do remember that I’m not in my 20’s anymore. I’m sure that’ll get worse as I get further from them. lol

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      1. I’m (mumble, mumble…) OK, I’m 20 years old……….er than you. It’s not all downhill! I feel as good as i have since I was your age and I’ve gotten as much accomplished in the last couple of years as I have in any other similar period in my life. It won’t be long before you look at 20-somethings and think, “kids” and then go about your business at a much higher level than they know exists ; )

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