Announcing the Great Villain Blogathon 2015!

The Great Villain blogathon is back!

Last year, I posted about Hannibal Lecter. This year, I’ll be tackling Victor Frankenstein and his creature. Check out the other great blogs participating, too, and join in the fun!



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  1. So, I am too committed to the A to Z Challenge at this point to do anything else. But. April 13-17 is K-O. So I could possibly do a crossover post, if we can come up with either a Tolkien villain who is depicted on the screen in the movies, or a Sourcerer-appropriate screen villian that starts with L. Because that is the only post I am writing for S. in April that falls within the window. The fact that it has to be a screen villain is, honestly, a little constricting.

    I hate to not do this, again. But but probably not unless I get a good idea. This is the one disadvantage to planning a blog as far in advance as I do. There are these moments when I want to be flexible, but I just cannot.


    1. Meh. I’m doing this in addition to the A-Z Challenge. I totally get not having time to do 2 posts, though, so we could come up with a Tolkien villain (um, orcs?), or you can, I am absolutely positive, come up with a villain appropriate for Sourcerer (um, Loki?) if you want to participate. 🙂


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