The Thursday Thirteen: 13 More Read-Aloud Books for a Little Jedi

I’ve mentioned before that when the Little Jedi was born and spent 5 weeks in the NICU, I read aloud to him during visits. I’d sit in a rocking chair, draped in a hospital gown to cover my clothes, and I’d read.

And a few weeks ago, I listed some of Little Jedi’s favorite books, some of the things that we regularly read when he goes to bed. We read a lot around here, especially aloud. Whatever else happens, we always read three stories before bedtime.

The stories vary pretty wildly. I like to let him choose a lot of what we read, but there are also things that are recommended to us, that he gets at the school library, and/or that I think he really needs to read. The mix of all of those is fun. Here are 13 of our recent favorites:




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