The Tolkien Roundup: March Edition

hobbit-mapI don’t have the next installment of my own series together, so here are a few links to some recent Tolkien posts you are sure to enjoy.

Eric at Sweating to Mordor is reading through the Silmarillion on page at at time, and he even has footnotes! His latest installment is all about the Valar Ulmo, Aule and Yavanaa. You can read the first installment here; he’s only about 12 installments into the series, so it’s a good time to catch up if you haven’t been following along.

James is ranking various items from the Peter Jackson films at A Tolkienist’s Perspective. In his latest post, he ranks his favorite cinematic shots from the movies.

And here is a fun series from Middle Earth News you might enjoy. This week in Middle Earth. It’s like “On This Day in History,” only it covers a week at a time, and the events are from Middle Earth.

Got a favorite Tolkien post you’ve read recently, or a Tolkien-related blog you’d like me to check out? If so, drop me a comment and let me know!

I’ll be back next week with more on Bilbo; if you’ve missed some of my endless Tolkien series, you can find it all on this page, or stop by Sourcerer on Thursdays, where I am re-running the series from the beginning.




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    1. Yay! I am always happy when someone reads the Tolkien posts. If I could just blog books and not think about things like building a huge network or changing the social environment for the better, I would do a Tolkien post week, every week, and answer every comment. And that would be all the blogging for me.

      I also like it when people check out the links in the roundups. I have a few go-to sources, and when I am doing a Tolkien run, and don’t have time to write a post, I link to four or five sites consistently, because they are all just that good and I have been following them long enough to say.

      I’ve never been across the Atlantic. Hoping to get there one day.

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