Wordless Wednesday: Orange

Photo by Gene'O
Photo by Gene’O


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    1. I love it, too. It is a component of my favorite color, yellow-orange. I am notorious for liking some bright yellow things among my offline circle.


    1. I am so happy my photo brought you that little bit of delight. I think It was taken in late summer, but honestly, can’t remember. I stockpile the spring and summer flower images for seven months out of the year for that very reason. I am no friend of winter.

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        1. If it were only about the weather, and I could choose just the right spot and there could be a beach nearby that never had Hurricanes hit it, I would love to live in Florida.

          But trading the whole state of Florida for winters in some northern place strikes me as a good deal.

          If you are saying that you are moving out of Florida, good! That is for the best, I am sure. It’s a place to visit, not a place to live. Rather like Mississippi, and Alabama, and . . .



    1. Thank you very much! I’m happy with this one. Orange and yellow are my favorite color.

      I once had a bedroom with a large, eastward-facing window, and I painted it big-bird yellow. The morning light in that room was exceptional.

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  1. hiya, I got an error message why I tried to open up your favourite Frank Underwood quotes blog post. Grrr. Here is mine: ‘I love that woman the way a shark loves blood’ And that accent of his is so great!

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    1. Hey! That was an accidentally published post that runs tomorrow. Diana backed out the post, but I didn’t get the message until a few minutes ago, so the links were out on Facebook and Twitter for a couple of hours. So sorry about that.

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