The Problem With Girls In Math And Science

Gretchen has a thought-provoking post up today for the Feminist Friday discussions. Give it a read and join the conversation!

Drifting Through


Last year I went to a Parent-Teacher conference with my daughter’s G.T. (Gifted and Talented) teacher. She sang my daughter’s praises. I basked in her glowing words and swelled with pride. Until she said this:

“She’s really good in math. Probably one of my best math students. Even better than the boys in the class.” – said by a real, live teacher. One that teaches kids.

Cue record screech. I immediately snapped to. I wish I could tell you that I questioned this teacher’s perceptions. I wish I could tell you that I pointed out to her that the very statement she meant as a huge compliment was in itself sexist. But I didn’t. I muttered something along the lines of “She’s always been a natural at math,” and something about “number sense.”

My daughter doesn’t think she’s good at math. She thinks it’s her worst subject.

We’ve tried…

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  1. I liked this. My daughter believed she was bad in math. Now she is finding out that’s not true through her work. I just had some really awful and inexperienced. It’s kind of sad that we assume we girls are bad at math.

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    1. Glad you enjoyed—Gretchen wrote this as part of our feminist Friday conversations.

      I think it’s easy to forget that there’s no concrete, scientific difference between men and women because we’ve spend centuries thinking there were, and only recently has medicine been ale to really tell us that there aren’t. It seems as though it would’ve been common sense, but…A lot of those attitude are still around.

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