Once a Month Gamer/I heart it swap out!

Once A Month Gamer is now going to be on my blog, Lazy Lady. So don’t worry, you’ll still be able to catch your monthly reviews of board games there each month, plus I have a lot other great content on there as well. You can check out this month’s look at Tsuro.


Instead, I felt a series I had begun on Lazy Lady would be a better fit here. It is a monthly review of comic book series that I’ve been reading and have become a part of my pull list.

I did two posts on Lazy Lady before Diana and I made this swap, so if you like to see what you can expect, you can check them out.

I Heart It: Lumberjanes
I Heart It: Rat Queens

If you have any comic books you’d like to recommend, please, leave a comment!

-Lyn @ LazyLadyLife.com



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    1. I don’t go towards the traditional superhero comics, all though I love the new She-Hulk series, I’ve read all of the Ms. Marvel and started reading the new Ms. Marvel series, as well as the new Captain Marvel. I love the comics that are coming out of BOOM! right now. I used to only read three series: Sandman, Fables and Preacher. My list grows by leaps and bounds all the time now.


      1. Funny you mention Sandman. I’m getting ready to do some writing on that to go later in the year, but not here. I asked because the first thing I was going to say was that I’d love to read what you have to say about Sandman. Would also be interested in your take on Marvel 1602 if you’ve read that one.

        Aside from those, my comics experience is with the big, famous graphic novels like Watchmen, V For Vendetta, The Dark Knight Returns, etc. I’m not really current.


        1. Sandman is what got me into comics. I read Watchmen too. I’ve never read Marvel 1602. I love Sandman. The art. The stories. To me, it is a very tough comic to beat. In terms of more “mainstream” the only comic I’ve read that has been made a movie is Hellboy, but I don’t keep up with it diligently. I tried to get into Green Lantern, but I’m just not a super hero comic book lover. I’m more then anti-hero fan girl.


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