The Friday 56: #7

Each week, Freda’s Voice holds The Friday 56, a blogging meme. Essentially, you just grab a book, turn to page 56, post a sentence or a few sentences, and then join the link-up.

This week, I’ve been reading through The Devil Wears Prada, something I’ve been intending to read for ages but just hadn’t gotten around to. I’m not sure whether I love or hate it yet—I find myself moving back and forth between them.

Chanel made white tennis shorts? The driver took me to the private salon, where an older saleswoman whose facelift had left her eyes looking like slits handed me a pair of white cotton-Lycra hot pants, size zero, pinned to a silk hanger and draped in a velvet garment bag. I looked at the shorts, which looked like they wouldn’t fit a six year old, and looked back at the woman.




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  1. I know this is a controversial thing to say- but I had a lot of issues with the book and think they did a fantastic job fixing them when they adapted the screenplay


    1. It’s funny—I suppose in some ways that is controversial. But sometimes I think that stories work better on film. The truth is that the book isn’t always better.


      That said, I haven’t even seen this one, so I still can’t decide! lol

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      1. I do recommend the movie once you’ve finished the book! This book, as everyone knows of course, was written by someone who worked with the real life Ms. Wintour, and I didn’t feel like the author had quite enough self awareness to pull off a protagonist so close to her own circumstances. So the screenwriters had an obvious advantage… Plus, the fashion world lends itself well to visuals!

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    1. I still haven’t seen the film, either. Just haven’t been able to decide if I want to watch it anymore than I’ve been able to decide to read it, I suppose. lol But it’s not bad. It’s just–very different, I suppose, from what I usually read.


  2. I saw the movie for this I long time ago, but I never realized it was a book until now. I’ve currently been reading more of the books some of my favorite movies were based off of, like Howl’s Moving Castle, so I definitely want to check this one out when I have the time to do it.


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