#WeekendCoffeeShare: Of Home and Blog-Planning

If we were having coffee, we’d be in my hometown.

I’d have one eye and ear on Little Jedi, who’d be running about the yard with two pups and his grandfather in tow. The rest of me would be talking with the grown-ups, catching up and marveling, a bit, at how time changes things.

There’s wi-fi in my parents’ house now; not just wi-fi, but the sort of wi-fi that has signal boosters. I can remember using dial-up here well into my adulthood. My mother and father have almost-matching iPhones–they had a flip and a Nokia (respectively) until a few years ago.

The landscape is different, too. When we first moved here, when I was 12 or so, there was only a little crooked road leading to our driveway. Now that driveway is about a mile from a major highway, the land annexed into the city. The fences that were around the place when I was a teen and we had cattle, those are gone. So are a lot of the trees, lost to clear-cutting or to disease.

There are still 2 dogs. There are always 2 dogs, big farm dogs with loud barks and smiling faces. Sometimes we’ve had 3 dogs, but always 1 of them runs away or something happens. Sometimes we’ve had 1 dog, but always another one finds us. Two. Always 2 dogs.


If we were having coffee, I’d tell you that I’m really, really excited about revealing the Monster’s A to Z plans on Monday for the theme reveal.

I’ve got the full listing of posts at this point, and I’m even going to have a few guest posts in April. Contributor Lyn will have a post or two, as will Gene’O, and there will be a Mystery Guest or two (!!!!).

(I’m trying to hold my excitement, but I’m afraid I’m having some difficulty.)

I’d probably also talk to you a bit about what to expect on the blog over the next month or so, as it’ll be a bit different.

Starting on April 1, I’ll be blogging through the alphabet in thematic posts (A is for…; B is for…; C is for…; and so on). With the exception of Sundays, there’s an A to Z post each day. So what does that mean for regular features?  In April, the Monster’s regular features are on hiatus—except weekend coffee share. I’m not missing my morning coffee. 🙂

What this means is that on Saturdays in April, you’ll see 2 posts from me. The coffee post will go up, and then in the afternoon, there’ll be an A to Z post.  So if you generally join me just for this, you might have to scroll down a post or so, but we’ll meet here for coffee!


Link up your coffee post below! Don’t forget to use #weekendcoffeeshare on Facebook and Twitter!



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    1. It’s growing ever-closer!

      Be happy to have you at coffee share whenever you have the time—the nice thing is how easy it is to dip in and out of that link-up! 🙂

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  1. Can’t wait until the theme reveal, I’m curious what others are going to do. I’m not sure I’m super happy about the theme I’ve chosen and I am so far behind in planning that all the excitement I had for A to Z has been sapped. I’m just nervous now lol

    Thanks for sharing 🙂

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  2. Happy Weekend!
    Going home is always strange, the way things change and the way things don’t. I’m living now in the house I grew up in — though in a “suite” that is brand new. The neighborhood, which changed so much when I was a child, going from being an out-branch of suburbia to being in the heart of it, has managed to find small ways to change in the past years. Hope you’re enjoying your time (and not stressing too much about work-to-be-done! Family time comes first… though writing-time can make for a very good excuse when you need a break!)

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  3. I debated about Saturday posts during A to Z, too. I am pretty sure I’ll be posting twice I’m Saturday, as well. This well be my first time participating in the challenge so I’m excited about it.

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    1. This is my second, and last year was such fun! It’s going to be challenging to keep coffee share going during the challenge, though, too!


  4. Having a trip home is always nice. My parents live around the corner now, so I go often. I do enjoy visits to the town I grew up in. My old friends are all still there. I can’t believe how fast AtoZ is coming. I am sooo behind! I’m looking forward to hearing about your theme!!

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    1. I’m really behind, too, but I’m beginning to make up some of what I’ve missed, thank goodness!

      My parents are about 3 hours from us now. It’s not terrifically far, but it does make it easier to stay overnight instead of trying to drive both ways in a day.

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  5. Your trip home for coffee reminded me of where I grew up – especially the dogs! You have to have two! Have a good week and looking forward to hearing about your theme for A-Z; trying to get mine figured out this weekend!!

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