A to Z Theme Reveal: Lady Monsters


It’s going to be a busy A to Z Challenge around here! I’m one of Stormy’s Sidekicks for the A to Z Challenge, so I’ll be volunteering to help with the challenge, and I’ll also be writing a few posts at Sourcerer in addition to my posts here.

Regular features, with the exception of weekend coffee share, will be suspended. Weekend coffee share will run Saturday mornings, and the A to Z post for Saturdays will run in the afternoons.

We’ll be talking about Lady Monsters all month long, and you’ll find guest posts from Gene’O, Lyn, and from a few Super Secret New Posters during April!

From an early post on the blog:

I love a good hoax. I especially love monsters. I identify with the Sasquatch, with the yeti, withNessie. Sometimes the monster exists, and sometimes it doesn’t.

It is no coincidence that the OED lists the etymology of the word “monster” as “monere,” which means “to warn.” Monsters are here to show us things; they are here because we need them, even when we must construct elaborate hoaxes.

The photograph of Nessie is proven to have been doctored; the yeti footprints are re-identified as bear paw prints; the Sasquatch is a man in costume. That’s because eventually we must normalize, and the story must close so the world makes sense again. But our monsters reflect something: they warn us of our shortcomings and remind us of our fears while allowing us to escape from the confines of what we know.

There’s something cathartic about a good monster movie or book, about a monster’s story.

Part of it is that the monster is often human in some ways, and the humans are often monstrous. Often, our monsters are used-to-be humans. Werewolves, vampires, ghosts, Frankenstein’s creature…Some of the most memorable characters in horror, and they’re Us But Not Us.

And those monsters—sometimes they’re women. Sometimes they’re girls. Lady Monsters tell us many things. Sometimes they whisper, and other times they shout. Sometimes they’re so beautiful that they’re terrible, and sometimes they’re just terrible.

The Monster has been rather a girl-centric blog since its beginning, even if it wasn’t always meant to be.

So I hope you’ll join us this April as we talk about Lady Monsters here!

If you’re also participating, feel free to drop a link to your theme reveal in the comments section so that we can all visit one another. Oh, and check out this sweet directory that Gene’O put together!



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