#WeekendCoffeeShare: In Which I Call for Guest Posts!

If we were having coffee, I’d probably be in the middle of a large stack of books and on at least my second cuppa this morning. I’m in the middle of composing some guest posts for Comparative Geeks and Lazy Lady, and they’re bookish posts. For the first time in a while, I’ve got books spread about me to refer to.

I’ve been reading a lot lately–all sorts of things. I’ve got years of books to catch up on, years when I was busy reading books that I was studying and so wasn’t able to read much in the way of new things. And Sam gave me a gift card to one of our favorite local bookstores, so I’ve got a haul of new books. I tend to read two at a time these days.

Soon, though, I’ll have to scurry off. It’s time for a haircut—well, actually it’s way past time for a haircut, but I haven’t had time to go get one. I’m making time today. I have big, curly hair, and after 6 months of not seeing a stylist, a look like a bit like a lion.

And then tonight, we’re off to a reading of Ghostbusters 3 that my husband is in. They’ve taken the script for the unmade third movie and tweaked it a bit for the situation, and they’re producing a round-table reading of it at one of the theaters here in NOLA.

I’d tell you that it’s difficult to believe that the A to Z Challenge is almost over for the year, and I’d ask what some of your favorite blogs have been during the challenge. I’ve been unable to read as many as I’ve liked, though I’ve been able to catch up on some blog reading some this week. The comments I’ve gotten here have been fantastic, and I’ve been so excited by the reaction that I’d like to announce an opening for guest posts!

I’m looking to continue talking about female monsters of all sorts. Among other things, I plan to have a bi-monthly Creature Feature that profiles female monsters. So if you’re interested or have an idea for a guest post, drop me a line, and we’ll talk about it—creatures of all varieties welcome!


If we were having coffee, I’d probably have to run now for that haircut—but you can catch my V entry in the Lady Monsters A to Z Challenge 2015 series here later, and expect a super-awesome Lady Monster post from Comparative Geeks’ David on Monday!

I’m so happy to have David finally post here and to have the opportunity to guest post at Comparative Geeks next month. David and Holly are two of the first blogging friends that Gene’O and I made when we started publishing on WordPress, and I look forward to many more collaborations with them—and oh hey, they’re having a Comparative Geeks Baby soon, so congratulate them!

As always, link-up your coffee posts below, use the #weekendcoffeeshare tag on social media, and make sure you’re linking up a “if we were having coffee” post from this week.



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  1. Thank you for the cuppa, hope the haircut went well. I am always slightly scared of getting my hair done. I ‘m glad your managing to read more, I am just coming out of a period when I fell asleep after reading a paragraph. Learning not to read just before bed.

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  2. Hope the haircut turned out just how ya wanted it . . . love your hair 🙂 Mine is . . . ugh. Anyway, any particular type female monstress? I just started something about some fair – or not so fair – and fearful creature-gals from Greek mythology. I was thinking about shelving it for now, but if it fits in your monster theme, I’d love to share 🙂

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    1. Oh, Greek mythology sounds good! I’ve written about a few Greek monsteresses, and I probably could’ve managed the whole challenge about them, but I wanted to mix it up a bit! Would be happy to have you post about some Greek monsters!

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  3. The Ghostbusters 3 reading sounds awesome! I hope you had a great time – sat in the audience with your new ‘do’ being all proud of your husband and having fun 🙂 I’d love to do a guest post on a female monster – I’ll contact you.

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  4. I feel you on the whole book issue. I am currently making time to read one hour per day so that not everything is academic and research-related. I’m making my way through the Lucifer Box trilogy, but already have books lined up for later.

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    1. Yeah, I had a whole stretch of time when I was in graduate school and unable to read anything outside of the curriculum without feeling guilty about the pile of things I needed to read for that. It’s nice to have time to do that now.

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      1. I tend to underestimate academic research articles I have to read. I sit there and go “oh, I’ll quickly read that, it’s only 30 pages”, not taking into account that apparently academics can’t put a sentence together without making it about four times as complicated as it really needs to be. Sometimes I look at their summary of results and think “I have no idea whether you actually found out what you wanted to find out.” So getting away from that sort of lingo and back into a good book of fiction is important to me. Not too long to go until I have more time to read as well!

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        1. Oh, academic prose is the worst. That’s part of what I hated about grad school reading—the endless parade of academic prose. Interesting ideas, but we’re doing a disservice to them by encouraging people to write in unintelligible sentences.


  5. Oooh.. I would totally be interested in writing about some female monsters. Will have to think about who though 🙂
    Isn’t the post-academic reading time wonderful?! I plowed through so much fiction right after I finished all my research-reading!

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    1. Awesome! Let me know what you’re thinking about I’m excited!! 😀

      And yes—the post-academic reading is fantastic! I’m reading books left and right, have been since December, and it’s amazing. I’d begun to despise reading time because of exams.

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  6. It’d be hard to list all of the blogs I’ve enjoyed this month in one comment (and I’d probably end up in spam anyway!) but it’s been a great year. Much better than 2014 (or at least I found better blogs this time). I’ve been loving the conversations and I’m excited to start drafting my post for CG as well!

    I’d love to do a guest post on a female monsters… curious if they need to actually be monsters or just monstrous. The Lady Rokujo from the Tale of Genji came to mind immediately when you mentioned a guest post, but I could choose from a whole slate of female Japanese monsters otherwise. 🙂 (That’s if you actually want me here, haha!)

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    1. I’m certainly open to things that stretch the boundaries of the word, especially if they take up the idea of what it means to be a monster and/or what it means to be a female. And I don’t actually know much at all about Japanese monsters, so I’d be incredibly happy to have you here writing about them!

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