Top Ten Tuesday: 10 Books I’ll Never Read

Now that April has ended and regular features are back, I’m also returning to participation in Top Ten Tuesday, a weekly booking meme held by the incomparable The Broke and the Bookish. Each week, TBATB chooses a theme, and bloggers create and publish top ten lists to correspond with the themes. There’s also a linky on the site—check it out and join us!

This week, we’re discussing books that we’ll never read. This was a little bit tough, because I try to give most everything a chance. But although I try to “never say never,” there are just some things that I know I’m not going to read. And here they are:




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  1. I read the Time Traveler’s wife, and It’s better than the movie. There is a lot more in it that isn’t in the movie. But then again, I’ll read just about anything were there is a librarian character or set in a library.

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    1. I haven’t seen the film, either—it was just all too sad sounding for me; I don’t do well with sad books, especially if I know what’s going to happen.


  2. I was looking at this collage and thinking… “Welp, guess I won’t be joining the conversation on this one. All those books look terrible.” Then I glanced at the title of the post again hahahaha. You have excellent taste in what you DON’T read as well as in what you do! -t

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    1. It’s the sad with that one—and that it got spoilered for me. I have a difficult time reading/watching something after it’s been spoiled, especially if sad things happen in it.

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    1. haha…Just heard too much about movie and book to be bothered, I think. I’m a Southern literature buff, but that’s never been one of the ones that drew my attention.


  3. I feel like I ought to read Ulysses, because I’m doing my Master’s Thesis on how the Greek myths have been re-interpreted over the millennia, but the rest of those would definitely be on my “never read” list if I made one. (Which isn’t to say that I actually want to read Ulysses, I just feel like I probably ought to.)

    I think I need to check out this Top Ten Tuesday thing, though…

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    1. It’s a really good linky!

      I should probably have read Ulysses during some time as an English grad student, but I couldn’t be bothered. Too many other things to read.


    1. I’ve heard some good things about it, and as a Southern literature buff I probably should’ve read it, but I just don’t want to. I’ve never seen the film either.


    1. I think I’ve just heard too many people praise it over the years, and I know it has to be full of that stuff I despise about the south.


  4. Ahahaha I laughed when I saw the Nicholas Sparks pile. This list would pretty much mirror mine, though I’ve unfortunately read GWTW. Hours of one’s life one wishes one had back. And I am guessing the avoidance of Old Yeller falls along the lines of knowing one never wants to read Where the Red Fern Grows Again? You only need to cry like that once. T_T

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    1. I couldn’t pick just one Sparks book, just like I couldn’t just choose one of the 50 Shades books. lol

      And that’d be a resounding yes on Old Yeller. I’ve seen the movie, and that was enough crying for me.


      1. I was wondering the same thing…. but I agree — I feel like there are some other books that handle the concept of Introverts in Extrovert world in far less pages, perhaps without creating such a false dichotomy.

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    1. 🙂 Yeah, The Broke and the Bookish come up with awesome topics for the meme, and I’m glad to be starting it up again after taking April for the A to Z Challenge!

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      1. I don’t know that challenge as well, lol Was I suppose to do it only in April? Because I’m trying to get back to blogging, and I find this challenges keep me going until I have some ideas of my own and can write more 😛

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        1. Well, it is a big blogging challenge that happens in April; starting on the 1st and skipping Sundays, you publish a post for each letter of the alphabet on each day in April. Check out

          I’ve seen people do their own versions of it, though, and it can be fun and successful to blog through the alphabet with a theme. 🙂

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  5. The Casual Vacancy was horrible…. I went into it not anticipating anything that was remotely similar to the Harry Potter series. There was so much I disliked about this book and it was a huge flop for our book club!

    Ulysses has been on and will likely forever remain on my book shelf, completely untouched. Gone With the Wind is amazing though!!

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    1. I haven’t heard anything good about it TCV, which is why it’s on my not-to-read list. I don’t want to ruin how I feel about her writing. lol

      And ugh…Ulysses!


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