Worldless Wednesday: Boy with Fish

Photo by Gene'O
Photo by Gene’O


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  1. My mom had this very same little ‘fisher’ boy in her yard. We got it for her to remind her of her husband. After she and he both died the fisher boy now sits by my brother’s swimming pool. Such a cool picture. Thanks for the memories. I am driving through on the A to Z Road Trip. Hope to see you again down the road!


        1. Yep. I did. it’s way more grandiose an image than it looks. Just a tiny lawn ornament that I took a close-up of. I do that all the time. Images are everywhere.

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        2. You are right, Gene’O-We need to simply ‘open’ our eyes to see. Fantastic! I’m so glad you took this photograph. Like others have said…There is a story here. 😊


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