The Thursday Thirteen: 13 Posts I Think Give You the Best Glimpse of Me

Since I just started participating in Top Ten Tuesday about a year ago, I’ve missed a lot of the topics; the link-up started in 2010. I went through some of the old topics, and they’re fantastic!

I decided to choose one of those–10 posts I think give you the best glimpse of me–and use it as inspiration for a Thursday 13 post. So here are 13 posts that I’ve written on the Monster that I think give you the best idea of me in the blogosphere and the world outside of the computer. Enjoy—and feel free to drop links on the thread that you feel are particularly indicative of your blog or your writing style, too!

1. My post for 1000 Speak, which focuses on body image and self-compassion.

2. A Thursday Thirteen of bookish confessions.

3. My 2014 Recap.

4. The One Where I Decide to Leave Grad School.

5. A post about Wild Things and reading with the Little Jedi.

6. A list of things that make me irrationally happy.

7. And a list of things that I irrationally hate.

8. My about page.

9. On not changing my name after marriage.

10. The Monster’s first post.

11. A post about the American Girls series and being a Molly.

12. My zombie girl post.

13. My original 13 Things List.



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  1. This was a fun idea. I love best of posts, and this collection really does give a sense of who you are. I always meant to comment after your name change post, it’s a practice I find completely odd! Many Hispanic women feel no pressure to change our names when we marry. We can if we want too. My mother did, mostly because she wanted to feel more American. But my grandmothers and great grandmothers never did.

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    1. Thanks!

      I think the cultural pressure in the U.S. stems from old marriage laws and from British heritage, too, for the most part. It’s odd just how ingrained that has become.


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