Top Ten Tuesday: 10 Comics and Graphic Novels in My Beach Bag This Summer

Each week, The Broke and The Bookish holds Top Ten Tuesday, a weekly book-blogging meme.  This week, we’re discussing our potential beach reads for the summer. And though I likely won’t be spending much time at the beach this summer, it’s the South, where pools are plentiful and summers are often spent lounging and swimming when we’re not at work. So maybe I should call it my pool bag, but that doesn’t have nearly the nice sound that beach bag has.

Either way, I’m filling up the bag with comics and graphic novels this year. I’ve spent far too long not-reading comics. They didn’t interest me much when I was young, and as I got older, there were more and more things to read. I read the Sandman series earlier this year, and I’ve just finished Watchmen and begun V for Vendetta. Here are some others I plan to get to this summer:

1. collage






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    1. I’ve heard such amazing things about both Saga and Sex Criminals that I think I must give them both a read. And I’ve been meaning to pick up The Walking Dead since I got into the show years ago, but I just haven’t had a chance to.


    1. Yeah, I like Leto too. I’ve heard a lot of waffling about him as the Joker and about the costume/character design, but I’m just waiting to see what happens.


  1. Love the selection. Could you write down the titles for me, so I can look them up?

    The Killing Joke is one of my favourite graphic novels, and I’d love to discuss it with you once you’ve read it.

    There’s another Batman graphic novel called simply Joker. It’s a day in the Joker’s life from a henchman’s perspective. It’s fascinating!

    I would also recommend the first volume of The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. It’s quite good.

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    1. Let’s see…Those are Rat Queens, Sin City, The Shadow Hero, The Killing Joke, The Walking Dead, Pretty Deadly, The Invisibles, Fun Home, Saga, and Sex Criminals.


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