The Thursday Thirteen: The Never List

Remember that old game, never-have-I-ever?

I’m pretty sure I was a teen when I was introduced to it. But that was a sanitized version, meant for youth groups and polite company. For those unfamiliar with the game–a group sits around in chairs, but there’s always one person in the middle; that person would say something they’d “never done” and then everyone who had done it would get up and run about, leaving someone in the middle to start the “never-ing” again. But of course this is an adaptation of a drinking game, played essentially the same way but without the running about and with a lot more alcohol (and more *ahem* adult never-have-I-evers)–shots for each time you’ve Done the Thing.

Anyway we’re not running around today, and we’re not drinking shots (at least I’m not—feel free to play along at home), but here are 13 thing I’ve Never Ever Done.

1. Never have I ever…failed a class.

2. Never have I ever…watched The Godfather–any of them.

3. Never have I ever…ridden a motorcycle or scooter.

4. Never have I ever…read Catcher in the Rye.

5. Never have I ever…broken a bone.

6. Never have I ever…eaten a Twinkie.

7. Never have I ever…sung karaoke alone.

8. Never have I ever…gambled in a casino.

9. Never have I ever…been to an Ikea.

10. Never have I ever…given a toast at a wedding or a eulogy at a funeral.

11. Never have I ever…been on a cruise.

12. Never have I ever…been to California.

13. Never have I ever…owned any kind of Apple product.

Speaking of…This year I actually did something I hadn’t done before: I made my way through the Sandman series! And Gene’O and I are blogging about the books at Comparative Geeks while David and Holly spend some quality time with the new Geek Baby. Today, I’m at Comparative Geeks talking about my favorite Sandman characters, so stop by–and check out his list of characters from last week!



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  1. I think 13 wouldn’t cover mine. There’s more I haven’t done than I have gone through. Some of those I can’t talk about without having to hunt you down and kill you, but there are quite a few. The one I’m most proud of however is:

    Never have I…broken a promise


  2. I’ve done everything on your list except the one about singing karaoke alone. I can’t believe you’ve never seen any of the Godfather movies! The original one is my all time favorite movie. I watch all three back to back at least three times a year. Just watched Part 3 last night!

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    1. We have the Godfather movies at home; the husband keeps trying to get me to watch them, but I’ve never really been a big fan of mafia/mob movies, and they’re all so long!


  3. I’ve done everything on your list. I was even born in California, and I’ve given a toast at a wedding and given the eulogy at a funeral. I’m pretty sure if shots were involved in this game they would just leave the bottle in front of me!

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  4. You’ve got to get on that Godfather thing post-haste. And the desert, ah–get to Utah, my friend. Get one of those in-car DVD players and watch the Godfather on the way. And remember, “Leave the gun, take the cannoli.”


    1. lol…I actually had to change that one, because I’d forgotten about both Utah and Las Vegas when I wrote this apparently. They were both fantastic–I do like the desert a lot.

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