#WeekendCoffeeShare: The Calm Before the Storm

If we were having coffee, I would tell you that it’s been a long week. That’s unusual, since it’s actually been a 4-day work week, but it seems like it was last week that we had that Monday off somehow. Perhaps it’s all of the hustling and bustling that we’ve had to do around here and at the office this week. Little Jedi is just about to be out for the summer, the husband has been sick, I’ve got lots of photography things and blogging things to take care of, and our annual audit is about to begin at work. In other words, I’m swamped.

So I’d be more than happy to be settled on the couch again today, but I’m not exactly taking the weekend off. I’ll be about the coffee share today, and I’ll be spending some time working on the social media and some new promotional material for the photography business.

I’ve also promised Little Jedi rather a day of it. He’s getting a haircut (and was very specific about having it styled in a mohawk before leaving the salon). Next, we’ll be off to the toy store and then on to the bookstore to spend some of the cash he’s been saving since his birthday. We decided to start teaching Little Jedi about saving and spending, so we counted out the money with him and then discussed keeping 1/3 in the piggy bank and letting him spend 1/3 in the toy store and 1/3 in the book store. This means a busy day, but a fun and educational one–and it means going to my favorite bookstore!

I also intend to make my way to my office and the closets this weekend and clean them out, but that might just have to wait for Sunday. I think today is just about as busy as I can manage and still call it a weekend! I am going to get the office finished this weekend, though—I’ve missed being able to use it. Tomorrow, then, will be a cleaning day, and it’s also a writing day: I’ve got a few guest posts to write and some things I’d like to work on for the Monster, too.

And Monday starts my first of several weeks working full-time at the nonprofit, which will be a completely new thing for me; I am normally there 25 hours a week. I’m also working through my first audit with the company. And I’ve a friend coming into town Thursday who I haven’t seen since I moved to NOLA, so I want to be able to spend some time with her. Little Jedi’s last day of kindergarten is also this Friday, so the week promises to be a challenging one.


If we were having coffee, I would tell you that I’m really excited about how Monster Mondays have gone so far, and I’d ask if you’d had a chance to check out the most recent posts. I’d tell you that this week we’ll have William’s post on Ava from Ex Machina. 

I’ve got a great group of folks writing posts on Lady Monsters of all sorts from comics, games, Disney films, mythology, and everything in between. Of course there’s plenty of room for more, but I’m absolutely amazed at all the talent involved so far and the range of responses.


As always, link up your coffee posts below, and use the #weekendcoffeeshare tag on Twitter and Facebook!



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