#WeekendCoffeeShare: (Mostly) Pajama Day

If we were having coffee, pajamas would be mandatory, and I’ll probably have a few cups. I’ve got lots of writing to do today, and I’m incredibly behind on things. If I can get through this weekend productively, though, I’ll be able to relax a bit. I’ve been full-time at work for the last few weeks, and we’re getting ready for both an audit and a large fundraiser that takes place this weekend. Little Jedi is also back this weekend after being gone for a week.

Thatย means today is my only real work-free day for the coming week, so I’ve got to manage to get lots of writing done. At some point, I’ve got to venture into the world to pick up my dress for tomorrow, but I intend to make that a very short foray and then to quickly be back home. I’d like to manage a little reading in addition to the writing I’ll be doing.

Of course I’ll want to make it around to visit and read coffee posts, and I’ve got quite a bit of writing to do. I’m going to be full-time at work again this week, and so far I haven’t been successful at keeping up the work and the weekly blog features. I also managed to miss the Beach Party Blogathon, which is unfortunate. Of course, this is mostly because I’ve been spending all day looking at spreadsheets and have been resting my eyes all week. I shouldn’t be quite so deep in spreadsheets this week, but I will be busy, so I’m trying to produce the weekly features for the blog over the weekend.

I’m also trying to work in some binging onย Orange is the New Black. That’s what I spent most of last night doing, husband and I staying up late watching the new season. The season is stronger than the second, tender in all the right spots, raunchy in a fair few, and occasionally also heartbreaking. Despite all of the busy weekend that I’ve got lined up, I’m sureย we’ll manage to finish this season.

I’m also about to start working on my reading list and schedule for Nerd in the Brain’s Summer Reading Challenge. There are a lot of great challenges–but I’m definitely going to need to work on managing my time! I’m busier than ever these days, and I still want to get to a lot of the challenges.


If we were having coffee, I would tell you that you can expect to see the weekly features back here again this week. I’ve especially missed the Thursday 13s. I just like lists. And I like 13s.

The amazing Robin of Write On, Sisters will be joining us as a guest poster for Monster Monday this week to talk about La Llorona, the Waling Woman. And on Friday, come hang out with us for Feminist Friday at Gretchen’s place.

For now, go visit some other coffee drinkers, and don’t forget to link up your coffee posts below. Use the #weekendcoffeeshare tag to share and find other coffee posts on Twitter and Facebook!



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  1. Goodness, sounds like you are busy. Good luck managing your time this week! If only there were a few extra hours in the day!
    Since I started working full time, all I’ve wanted to do is read a ton and binge watch Gilmkre Girls (a show I never watched when it was airing and have been trying to finish now for years) when I get home. All I want to do though, is go to bed! Finding time for everything is such a struggle, I hear ya.

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  2. Dang, I couldn’t do a PJs and coffee thing because I most of the time only drink coffee outside the house!
    A friend of mine is already done watching the new season of OITNB, but we haven’t even started it. I really want to, but we don’t think about it until it close to bed time or whatever. Can’t do late nights most nights anymore. I heard it’s really good though!

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    1. If the season had been released on weekend when Little Jedi was here we probably wouldn’t have see so much of it, but he was with his grandparents for the first week of summer vacation. We watch all of our grown-up shows over in the night, too, but we’re mostly night owls.


  3. Pajama mandatory coffee? Count me in! I checked out the reading challenge and I think it looks awesome. I don’t think I’d read a book with a dragon or a graphic novel, though. I’m trying to read more from the library and less that I have to purchase, so the order in which I read books is becoming dependent upon when it is my turn for the book I have on hold for those two weeks! I have so much to do today and hope to at least get Owen’s suitcase all packed for our vacation next week (since he is with his dad he won’t be using the stuff in the meantime) and then try to make a list of all the things I need to pack. I can’t wait to get out of town with my little man for a long weekend!

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    1. Hope you guys have an amazing time when you do go!

      I’m excited about the reading challenge, but I still need to work up that schedule. That’s one thing I didn’t get to over the weekend, unfortunately!

      An graphic novels can be fantastic—there are lots of really good ones to choose from, and the genre is actually pretty diverse. ๐Ÿ™‚

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      1. Thanks! I am so excited. We travel really well together he is a big ball of fun. I love it when I hear him tell people that his mom takes him on vacations just the two of us and he feels special!

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  4. You make me look real lazy! I can’t believe you work full time and still have time for all the blogging you do! Even if you have missed some this past week..I”m still super envious. Perhaps you could share some time management tips?! Thanks for all you do!


    1. ha! I’m generally part-time at the nonprofit I work for, but for the last few weeks I’ve been working full-time for them while we prep for a few things. I haven’t had time to work on the photography business much this week, which is also something else I do—a friend and I run a small photography business on the side.

      And I’m actually shite at time management—-I just manage to seem really efficient most of the time because the eleventh hour is my best hour. lol

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    1. I agree! I suppose that life is just like that, though. Eventually it’ll slow down again, if only for a brief moment before speeding up again. ๐Ÿ™‚


  5. I’m in the middle of binge-watching The Office, so I’m waiting to start OITNB. Which is killing me a little bit, but it helps keep up the excitement for the show.

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    1. We’ve watched OITNB since they released the first season….Almost done with the 3rd now. I never did get into The Office, though I know lots of people who did. Sitcoms just don’t see to work well for me, generally, but I don’t exactly know why.

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  6. LOL. What is this “pajama day” you speak of? I am afraid I have reached my quota of pajama days.

    Once I add my link to the linky, I’m going to haul off limbs, finish cleaning out a storage unit, and replace the bumper on my pickup.

    I am missing the pajama days, but liking the fact that I’m eating three meals a day and still losing weight, hee hee.


    1. Pajama days are wonderful, if a bit mythical. Little Jedi enjoys them when they roll around, too. We’re a fan of relaxing Saturdays around here.


  7. I love that expression ‘resting my eyes’ it’s what my dad always used to say when he was secretly napping…”I’m just resting my eyes” Thanks for the trip down memory lane! I hope you get lots of writing done, it sounds like you’ll need today to refuel and get ready for the week ahead. Have a great weekend ๐Ÿ˜€

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  8. I hope you’re able to get a lot of work done!
    Planning for the reading program… I like that idea — I probably should put together a list… I was starting to think about going at it kind of willy-nilly and I have a feeling I’ll quickly fall behind in reading and not hit as many challenges as I could if I actually planned!
    Enjoy the (mostly) PJ day!

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    1. Thanks! It’s been pretty good so far here, though I’m going to have to get myself up from here and go pick up my dress for the event. And then I’ve got to manage to get some wok done on that schedule. I’ve got all evening though. ๐Ÿ™‚

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