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  1. An interesting legend, thanks for sharing. A Dola sounds like a guardian angel, but with more sway and influence and twice the mischief! But, seriously, I’m fascinated by this myth. It’s always a joy to learn something new, and now you’ve whet my appetite, I’m going to see what else I can find 😀

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    1. A guardian angel is an interesting analogy. I guess if you got a good Dola that would definitely be the case. Let me know if you find anything more than what I’ve got here.

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      1. I searched for hours – you gave me the bug! I enjoyed the stories, the variations on their appearance (cats/dogs, old ladies, etc.) That reminded me of guardians too, because in some religions they present as animals. I really love this feature, because I’m a huge fan of mythology and monsters in general. Thanks again for sharing Dola with us 😀

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